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  1. Hi, Thanks for the speedy response! No for our new project we wouldn't need to import Git history, so that's ok. I'm also experimenting with Unreal as I haven't used it before and we are evaluating it for the new project. Hence I have a tiny demo project which I initially configure for Git, but my understanding is that it would be better to use Perforce/Plastic so that users can lock binary files. I tried importing it as a short-cut rather than a more manual copy+paste. We have experience within our team of using Perforce and I know it's widely used with Unreal, but not Plastic
  2. Hi, I'm evaluating Plastic SCM for a new project with 20+ people; I haven't used it before - I've been on Git for several years. I have a small local repository I wanted to test it with, so I did the following: Used "git daemon" to run a local git server Created a new blank Plastic workspace/repo Selected "Sync With Git..." and pointed it at git://localhost/MyGitRepo Switched my workspace to my main branch, so all the Git-tracked files appeared in my new Plastic directory However, my Git repo is an Unreal game project, and uses Git-LFS. The files in my original
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