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  1. Thanks for the quick response, Carlos. I should have done a bit more searching in that folder! Hoping to update the client as part of a general Windows 10 update, so looking forward to getting my hands on the newer features and bugfixes.
  2. Apologies for digging up a very old thread, but I need to set a default workspace location and this is the only post that seemed to have an answer. I tried following the steps to edit guiclient.conf but as far as i can see it has no effect, and when Plastic is restarted the conf file is updated and the <DefaultWorkspaceRoot> line is removed. Is there a current way of doing this (I'm using
  3. I had the same question but didn't think it was possible without some direct copying of the database. This is a really useful way of quickly copying a repo to investigate problems. Thanks Carlos!
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