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    [Cloud] Pull/Push Vs Centralized workflow

    Thanks, I think you are right, but what is weird for me is that like I said: on my computer I am working without pull/push, only checkin/update. The distributed scenario happens on artists mac by default, so I am looking for the simplest way to make her version work as mine (so "centralized" scenario). So she has to create a new workspace for it to happen or is it possible to change it somewhere in the settings? And during worskpace creation when can you choose centralized vs distributed? Because I haven't seen an option like that.
  2. Hi guys! I've been using Plastic on windows (with Unreal) for over half a year and all was great, especially with Gluon, I could cooperate with our artists and desingers without a problem. Now we have Unity project and an artist is working on Mac. And I want her to have as little problems with source control as possible, so we decided to use Plastic Cloud, since from my experience it was very straightforward and simple "checkin-update" approach sounded great. First there was a message that Gluon for Mac is "coming soon". That's fine we thought, let's just both use vanilla Plastic. And all works great on windows, I could checkin and the artist saw my changes. But I couldn't see her commits. After some playing around I've found that it's a bit different on her side and she has a sync view (which I never needed). And then I realized that she has a branch (who knows how, she didn't create it on purpose, but I thought, ok, maybe that's just an accident). We've merged the branch and after doing a push (which I still don't understand why we had to do, since I've worked without this approach in the past) all seemed fine. But then when she tried to do a push next day she got a message that she can't because there will be conflicts. Then we made sure she doesn;t have pending changes (she had), commited, she got an update and suddenly she has a new branch again. So if we are to stick with using Plastic I would really like to know what can we do to avoid all this hassle. Cause we can't spend an hour every day figuring out problems like that.