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  1. I got to sync with the git: >cm sync /master@test@localhost:8087 tfs http://tfs-vm:8080/tfs\\sunrise $/Terminal --user=**** --pwd=**** Branches are in sync. There are no changesets to push or pull. Synchronization completed But... I see message: There are no changesets to push or pull. In fact, there are a lot of changesets.... What am I doing wrong????
  2. No. I'm using PlastcSCM (Trial version 30 days). For gmaster need an account. I do not want to create the It.
  3. We are using an on premise system!
  4. Our team uses TFS based on GIT. Client API: Git Extensions I've heard a lot about your software and decided to use it as a client the PlasticSCM. unfortunately I could not sync git with plastic: Authorisation Error. If use the Git server (without TFS) then the synchronization is successful. Do you have an instruction to connect the PlasticSCM to TFS based on git? PS: I'm use translate.google.ru
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