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  1. Yes, something like that. I explain this on very simple example. I have two project (TestPB and TestPB1) and I have two versions (main and special version - second "main" branch) and I do this in Plastic GUI. Change in main version (TestPB or TestPB1) must add to special version, so I make the steps: 1.Add change to main TestPB1 2.Update Xlink in main TestPB 2.Add changes to special TestPB1 3.Update Xlink in special TestPB (I update from main TestPB because in repository TestPB may add other change) I think, I have answer for my problem. When I update Xlink, I do not remove automatically added branch expansion rules. P.S. I think, I must learn about branch expansion rules for xlink :)
  2. I have a question about merge and conflict with XLink. I would like to explain why after merge conflict exists. The problem/description: I have two repositories “TestPB” and “TestPB1”. The “TestPB” repository has XLink for the “TestPB1”. I have two branches to which the same change is added. Next updates the XLinki in the “TestPB” repository and merges like this: In this case, after the merge there is a conflict for XLink. I would expect that there will be no conflict because start and end changeset are the same, additionally the change (cs:23) was add in two branches - “TestPB1" repository. I am asking for help in explaining the merger or how to solve the problem for automatically merge
  3. budyn

    Problem with bookmarks

    I have bad and good information about this bug. The bad is that I still do not record a small movie with this bug. The good is that I used PlasticSCM on every themes. I had each theme set for over a week and worked. Only on the theme "Plastic Old School" the situation described occurred. If I record the bug, I will send a movie.
  4. budyn

    Problem with bookmarks

    Hello I tried to capture this bug on recording, but I can not reproduce this now. The diferrence beetwen that and now is removed all workspace which I had and create new from start. If I manage to repeat the problem in the near future, I will try to record and send it.
  5. budyn

    Problem with bookmarks

    Hello I have a problem with the bookmarks, when opening new/next workspace. This problem is not very scattered, because if I try to open another bookmarks or try to change the order of bookmarks, everything returns to the correct state. Thanks in advance!