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  1. I am a paying customer, but to be honest it's not worth the trouble to setup a meeting as my time is limited. I recommend improving the documentation and error codes, since what I am trying to do is not unusual and I have done this kind of thing with P4Admin (Perforce administration software) without issue.
  2. This apparently doesn't work. I removed the user from the developers group and added him to another group that doesn't have permission to check in the main branch. When he opens Plastic SCM it gives this error.
  3. Under "Prevent users from modifying any item on certain branches" it has a new Group with the ci permission removed. I've gone ahead and created a new group in a similar way. However, the developer is currently under his original group which does have that permission. How do I move him to the new group? In the cloud interface my only option is to invite him by email address to the new group, which is odd as this shouldn't be a voluntary decision on his choice. Also, if he does accept the new group and I remove him from the old group, is it going to require him to redownload the repository or lose access to work in progress?
  4. I have a junior developer who made a series of bad checkins to the mainline while I still had work in progress not yet checked in. Question 1: How do I checkin myself, while skipping his bad checkins as if they were never commited? Question 2: How can I restrict this developer's permissions so he is no longer allowed to check into the main line?
  5. Using the cloud server, I have a programmer overseas who can't download the entire repository because the download keeps failing before the end. He doesn't need 80% of the assets the obvious solution is to exclude most of the art directories from the download. He and I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to only download part of the repository, and we gave up and I told him to use Gluon instead of Plastic SCM. The only reference I could find is https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/distributed/plastic-scm-version-control-distributed-guide.shtml which is incredibly confusing to me. It seems like this should be a very common use case and explained a lot better. Even Perforce is easier, where I can just setup my workspace mapping to exclude certain directories. Is there some tutorial on how to download only part of the repository, that a new user can understand?
  6. "This way, doesn't matter the user you use to run Plastic, it will use the same client configuration. It seems that under some circumstances the client configuration is not being found." By the way, my computer only has one physical user.
  7. From the command line in admin mode: plastic --configure I got the login dialog. I pressed "OK" then the dialog closed. Nothing else opened up. Relaunch: If I push OK, it does load up the Plastic SCM enviroment and my workspace though. I would rather not get this error dialog every time though. Should I always run as an administrator?
  8. "Could you copy the "C:\Users\xx\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf" file to the "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client" folder?" It did not help. "Could you try running Plastic via "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\plastic.exe" if the issue is reproducible?" This is what I am already doing, and it doesn't help.
  9. I having been using Plastic SCM with Unity. I keep getting the configuration screen despite having reinstalled If I enter the Info, and push OK I get this screen If I push cancel and start Plastic SCM again it goes to the workspace as it should be doing. If I immediately close the workspace and launch from the desktop icon again, it loads straight to the workspace. I can do this any number of times I have tried. If I wait some time (not sure, maybe 30 minutes?) I get the error again, with the configuration screen again.
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