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  1. Sorry if the answer is on here, or obvious, I can't get to either. How do we let our users change their passwords? In client preferences on the GUI, we have user profile tab, but it returns Cannot retrieve the profile from plastic.ourdomain.com:7178. Details: Unable to connect to the remote server We have a cloud server controlling plastic, and have strict access controls, so only 8088 is open to the clients. if I open this inside the network, where the port is allowed I get Cannot retrieve the profile from plastic.ourdomain.com:7178. Details: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. We have a password policy which means the users have to change their passwords monthly, defeats the point if an admin has to do it on the server. Thanks
  2. Hi, Went to log into the server web administration portal on our server, the password is one I have written down, and also saved in a password manager, yet the password is "invalid login attempt". I haven't tried a reboot yet (production box, so not overly simple), though I did bounce the service. Any ideas how I could reset or gain access again? Thanks
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