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    Checkin Merge loop

    Hi, I seem to be forever getting into a merge loop problem, where I check in, but it tells me I cant until I process a merge in X changeset, but then when looking there are no merges to process? https://youtu.be/OqzqhMmeLG0 - video of what I mean It is possible it is my misunderstanding of how the system works, but it burns an hour of my time every couple of days! There are only 2 of us working on this particular project. Thanks Ben
  2. BenH

    Modify the plastic client

    Hi, Is it possible to modify the client installation without losing all your settings? I want to try PlasticDrive, but the modify installation (in windows) is greyed out in Apps and Features and trying to run the installation again warns of deleting configurations. Thanks Ben
  3. Thanks that worked. By "Clean up your workspace" could you explain further? This project is one I am working on singularly, I had been checking in and out relatively small changes with no problems. For this change I installed, and uninstalled maybe 10 different plugins to unity, before finally deciding on a couple I would keep, this is when it started erroring and locking up Unity. On a side note, is their a way to get greater logging, so I can get to the bottom of the unity locking, it is driving me a little insane having to wait for up to 5 minutes sometimes for unity to become responsive again. Prior to this we were using Collab for Unity, where I never saw problems with doing a days changes and submitting afterwards (the problems were the collab sevrice itself not always being avaliable), I also have used Git and team server (not with Unity), neither of which have required any particular behaviour change. Thanks Ben
  4. Hi, My Unity has ground to a complete holt multiple times whilst trying to check in, I presume it is doing "something" , but as it freezes with no progress and completley unresponsive etc so I dont know.. Not frozen if I start it without Plastic attached as src control. Because of this I am trying to check in with the Plastic Client, but I am getting "Calculating moved files took too long. You have too many private/removed files" This is probably correct, I have been trying a shed load of different plugins last few days trying to find the right one, so a lot has moved/removed in the project (private is hidden) Correct or not, I cant check in, it is just in a loop, after that message it just cites "Finding changes in workspace" for about 10 mins, then I can try again, which of course does the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Ben
  5. Thanks Pablo, I should have found that myself
  6. Hi Pablo. Thanks. I am happy to use Jet, I just presumed it was a cut down version for some reason. My only concern then is backup, I presume I am good to just backup the Jet folder as a file system backup? Thanks Ben
  7. Hi, We have finished our eval and now want to purchase. During the Eval the system forced us to use Jet, now we want to use MSSQL how do we go about migrating our trial (with all the source code we have uploaded) over to full and use MSSQL? Thanks Ben
  8. BenH

    Support whilst in trial

    Thanks Manu, will do Monday
  9. Ok, so it would seem that it is actually doing the upload, but it locks unity, and shows a progress bar of 0 of0 for about 30 mins on a large commit (8gb for instance) I know we could get that faster, hosting locally etc, but the time isnt an issue, it is knowing if it is progressing at all! Ben
  10. BenH

    Support whilst in trial

    Hi, We are really struggling to evaluate the software, we want to buy it, but at the moment, Unity just freezes on a checkin. It does come back, but no progress of anything such thing. On a large checkin such as a few GB, you can't tell if it is frozen! Any chance we could get some support for this before we buy? Thanks
  11. Hi, Hopefully someone can help. Downloaded a 30 day trial today (finally had enough of Unity Collab) I provisioned a Google Compute server to host the server part, installed, all good, the server has 300mbs up and down, and is running a good spec. Installed the client on my workstaion, again all good In unity, I did my first commit, about 5GB, about 4000 files, some as large as 300mb for some meshes. Now, when opening Unity, it just freezes, and if it unfreezes it is super laggy, unusable , selecting an asset takes a couple of seconds to register, then unity freezes again for 5 minutes. In task manager, Plastic SCM is using about 5% CPU, and about 10mbps bandwidth (I have 20mbs up, so not maxing out my network), but it is just locking up the unity.exe I have tried all the usual stuff, restart, reinstall the Plastic client. I am running unity 2017.3.0f3 Ending task on Plastic SCM immediatly brings control back to Unity. Thanks for any help you can give me! Ben