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  1. Thank-you Manu and Pablo for the reply. We created new repo's with the same company wide encryption key. All is good now. We ended up deleting the old repo's. We are learning. Best, Vance
  2. Hello, We are trying to on board 8 or so developers to the individual cloud version(not team) of Plasticscm. We asked for encryption during setup up of our Organization. We were able to set up the repo's and work spaces as one would hope. One dev moved over our files (migrating from perforce) and uploaded them. Not a problem. But when anyone tries to download them, we get the "check your authentication password" error unable to decrypt. I understand best practice suggests we all use the same authentication password. It appears we have one in use that is unknown, or never setup that is limiting our ability to use the system. Hoping there is a way to reset that. Is there a way to edit that master authentication password key for the company using only the Cloud install? Thank you, Vance