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  1. No we have 8000+ changesets. And this is also not our first build. echo bat(returnStdout: true, script: 'set') also shows no plastic variables.
  2. No this does not help. Even with Light Checkout echo "Changeset ID: ${env.PLASTICSCM_CHANGESET_ID} will return null
  3. I am having the same issue. plasticscm_changeset_id does seem to be null. Using latest plastic plugin (2.20).
  4. Thanks for the quick answer! Why do I still need to define the "smartbranch"? The changeset may not be on particulary branch.
  5. The jenkins plastic plugin states that: " You can setup not only branches (which is the normal case), but labels as well as changesets in the selector. " ... but it doesnt state how to do that. Tried different approaches but none did work. Please help. Thanks Kris
  6. KrisK

    CM CI force

    Hey is there a way to force a commit. Why: Our current build pipeline checks in a build unreal editor dll and other stuff when finished building. During the build time stuff get's commited. When we than run: cm ci on certain folders we get. This error: A merge is needed from changeset cs:823@XXX to changeset cs:821@XXXX (the changeset you are currently loading) in order to checkin. The checkin operation cannot continue. It is necessary to solve the conflicts by merging your current workspace contents with the latest contents of the branch you are currently working on. Then,
  7. So my problem was that during a build the repository may change. So I needed a way to identify if someone else except the build machine did change the repository. So here is my solution: Get the timestamps for the current and the previous build from a groovy script: Use these timestamps to trigger a python script The python script uses "cm find revisions where date between 'XXXX' and 'YYYY' and not owner='builduser' --nototal" to identify if we have any changesets which should trigger a build The return code is than used to set an SKIP_BUILD variable which is used as e
  8. One more thing: [BuildXXXX] $ cm find changeset where date between '2018-06-04T12:30:09' and '2018-06-05T12:51:42' and branch='/main' on repositories 'xxxxx:8088' --xml --dateformat=yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss Is what I can see in the build console output. The output of this command is exactly data I need to identify if we want to continue the build. Where are the given timestamps gathered from?
  9. How can I access these variables? They are not environment variables as far as I can see, echo bat(returnStdout: true, script: 'set') is not returning any of the mentioned variables. Also to get this working properly I need all changesets since the last build. Otherwise I can not iterate through changes and check if something changed since the last build. How to achieve this?
  10. Ok I played around a little and none of your suggestions will work for us. The problem is not the download it is the plastic scm jenkins plugin which triggers the build when content of an folder is changed even when it is cloaked. I have no possibility to circumvent cyclic builds which is pretty bad keeping in mind that game builds may take around 1 hour to complete. I dont get it all other scm jenkins plugins have the possibility to exclude certain folders from polling :L. As you stated this is not possible due to the fact that there is an hard dependency between the binary an
  11. Thanks for the quick reply @manu "* If you have access to the workspace path before the poll (plastic update) takes place you can create a "cloaked.conf" file with the binaries directory on it. That will prevent Plastic from downloading it. More info about the "cloaked.con" file here: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/user/plastic-scm-version-control-introduction-guide.shtml?term=cloaked.conf#C2_Flexibility_Tuning" - If I understand you correctly cloaked folders will not be part of polling. So what you suggest is that I have the binary folder cloaked until the build is
  12. Hello Community! We in our team embrace the build early and build often mentality. So thats why we build a new version of our game every time a commit occures. The pooling seems to work flawless with the plastic scm jenkins plugin. Problem: Everytime a build is build the resulting binaries are checked in to a binary folder. Problem: This checkin is triggering a build again which it should not. Thats why I would like to exclude certain folders from polling. Is this possible? If not, what is the work around for this?
  13. Our admin had some spare time so we just updated the certificates. Thanks.
  14. Hello dear PlasticSCM community. We are currently switching to plastic and are also currently switching our build jobs to plastic. Problem for me is that our certificates are not yet properly setup. Thing is that this will be done as soon as our admin has some time over but this will take some while. As you can see we have currently issues with the plastic scm jenkins plugin and I would like to know if there is a way to suppress this warning for now? WARNING: the secure connection hostname provided in the server certificate doesn't match the server hostname. This means that the ce
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