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  1. I'm trying to connect to the webadmin on my server. It's a headless Ubuntu 20.04, so the port is useless unless I figure out some networking-fu. I see that plasticd is listening to :::7179, but every attempt to connect to it fails. I found mention that the mono version of the server didn't support SSL, and sure enough my server was running that exact version, so I uninstalled plasticscm-server-core and it's dependants and then installed plasticscm-server-netcore. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need to do any config changes to get the server back up and running. So far so good. My problem is that I still can not connect to the webadmin at port 7179. I found another forum post mentioning that 7179 does not work unless SSL is set up on port 8088, but I do have that configured and it's working well. [ { "port": 8087, "type": "tcp", "security": "none" }, { "port": 8088, "type": "tcp", "security": "ssl", "sslPfxFile": "ssl-certificate.pfx", "sslPfxFilePassword": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" } ] (password hidden) Chrome gives me this error: "This site can’t be reached plasticserver unexpectedly closed the connection ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" I've tried connecting to both the IPv4 address and the IPV6 address, but no luck. I'm out of ideas and I don't see anything else in the forums. Ray
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