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    GitSync and trial license

    Is gitsync supported using the trial license? I'm trying to evaluate plasticscm by testing connecting to my company's git server and doing a pull, modify, then push, but I can't seem to find the "Sync with Git" gui option in the "replication" menu option on the "branch explorer" tab. I've made sure to click on the branch instead of the changeset. I'm getting the menu I expect to see from the documentation, only the "sync with git" option is missing. I'm using a ubuntu build. I have included a gitsync.conf file in the $HOME/.plastic4 folder with an email-mapping. What am I missing?
  2. Great! Thanks! The history and roadmap give me a trajectory and a comfort level that your introductory documentation doesn't give. So several TB repos with large user bases are just fine under Jet. Cool! I think it was the licensing structure that made me think the opposite. As you go from single user to team to enterprise licensing your support for large back-end storage solutions increases, leading me to believe that those solutions were required. Glad to know otherwise!
  3. Hi, I am setting up plastic scm for the first time to help with a unity project. We have just a small team of developers ( about 5-10 ) and 5 artists. I'm looking for trade-offs and best practices for using jet as a backend vs using a RDBMS (i have team licenses, so mysql). When does it make sense to use jet and when does it make sense to switch to a RDBMS. Would you only evaluate with jet or use it for individuals and switch to mysql for a central server for the group? Or can jet recommended for groups up to a certain size? Is the data safer from corruption using a RDBMS with multiple users? Is one faster? I'm sure there is documentation on this, but I can't find it. Thanks for any help and suggestions.