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    Plastic 7.x incredibly slow?

    Hi - I am having awful performance problems with the latest Plastic - can you please explain exactly what needs to be modified in the .conf file? Is this a new appender to be added, or does this line replace an existing line in the file? Thanks
  2. Christian Southgate

    Jenkins plugin 2.17 fails due to cm wi before workspace has been created

    Thanks Carlos
  3. Hi - I updated to PlasticSCM plugin 2.17 on Jenkins, and it fails at the beginning of the build, because it tries to execute a cm wi command on a workspace that doesn't exist yet: 13:33:04 Started by user Jenkins 13:33:04 [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables. 13:33:04 Building in workspace /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS 13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace... 13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Done 13:33:04 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:04 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:05 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:05 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:06 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:07 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:07 FATAL: The cm command 'wi' failed after 3 retries 13:33:07 ERROR: null 13:33:07 Archiving artifacts 13:33:07 Finished: FAILURE This is running on Mac OSX. I've reverted back to plugin version 2.14 for now, and that works fine.