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  1. Hi there! I had a search, but couldn't find info on this in the forums, which makes me think that either I'm missing the obvious, or what I'm asking is pretty silly. In our small department, we have people who art, and people who code, and some who do both. Our directory setup for each person has two top level folders: .../projects .../tools The artists are frequently making changes in their projects workspace through Gluon, which is great, but they are never updating their tools workspace. I was wondering what solutions I could use to make sure that they are always at the
  2. Thanks Carlos! I couldn't find that in any docs, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  3. Hi there, We use exclusive checkouts across all our files, and I've just found myself in an interesting situation where a user appears to have a file 'locked' due to having it check out, but we cannot figure out where that file is checked out (i.e. we can't find any workspace on any machines that have this file checked out by him). So I have two related questions: As an admin, is it possible to force a file to be reverted and undo the checkout of another user? If so, how? Is it possible to check where a file is checked out (e.g. workspace and machine name or something sim
  4. Hi Carlos, Just to clarify, I wasn't creating a new changeset in the Xlinked repo, I was editing it directly from the parent (projects) repo. And the changes were not being picked up in the parent (projects) workspace on different machine when using the partial update code above. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the quick reply. I might have to restructure how I do things, but currently I am using something like this. projects project1 (Xlink A) Unity (Xlink B ) project2 (Xlink C) Unity (Xlink D) I push new code to Xlink B or D from an overall, local, projects workspace through the GUI (let's say moving it from Changeset 1 to 2) I then run the following code in a projects workspace on a build server cm partial configure +/project1/Unity --ignorefailed cm partial update /project1/*
  6. Hi there, I want to only 'cm partial update' on part of a larger workspace (to isolate projects, and save on server space), but I've noticed that my Xlinks are not updating to their latest changeset unless I run a complete 'cm update' on the whole workspace. I'm sure there is some reason for the difference in behaviour, but am I able to achieve the same thing with cm partial and some flags (that I cannot find/work out) or am I attempting the impossible? Cheers!
  7. Hello again! I've had a re-occurrence! @calbzam I added the 'CheckRevisionMetadataSize' line to my local client.conf file, and the file remained marked as changed and checked out (in both Plastic and Gluon). I'm not sure if it's related, but we recently upgraded the Unity version of the project - not sure if that's helpful or not 🤔 Let me know if there's any more tests you'd like me to try while I still have the opportunity. Cheers
  8. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the problem seems to be intermittent; I had to undo the changes for a couple of days, but now the file no longer appears as changed. Would you prefer I added the setting and see if it reoccurred, or wait until it reoccurs and then add the setting? Cheers
  9. Hi Carlos, Refreshing did not help (just a reminder that I'm experiencing this with mainly Gluon usage). I would undo changes, and during the day the file would constantly re-appear in the pending changes (I couldn't work out what I was doing in Unity to trigger it). And yes, the preferences panel in Plastic GUI shows it enabled. And I am constantly closing and opening the GUIs Cheers Paul
  10. Hi again, I've experienced some weirdness again! I have a ProjectSettings.asset file that is appearing in my changelist, but is identical to its predecessor. http://content.invisioncic.com/r155069/monthly_2018_11/image.png.496ebae7f18ac932683134b2fe1ef0d4.png I've checked my client.conf file in my AppData and can see the following setting: <CheckFileContentForChanged>yes</CheckFileContentForChanged> I also double checked the comparison type as Recognize All just in case there were different line endings etc. I'm probably going to have to move on and lose th
  11. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on our files to see if I notice any other weirdness then ? In regards to my second question, are there plans to be able to globally configure the client.conf file? Cheers
  12. Just to follow up on this question again, It appears that changing this setting within Plastic SCM did not affect the Gluon client, so my issue still persists.
  13. I've dug around a bit, and noticed that this setting appears to be located in the client.config file, which doesn't appear to be globally set-able. Is there a plan to include more global config files? This setting in particular has led to a bit of 'noise' within our commit history, and it would be good to set it for all clients.
  14. Thanks Manu! That makes a lot of sense. A couple of follow up questions: - Does changing this setting propagate to Gluon? - Is there a way to set this as a global-config setting so that all users share the setting? Cheers
  15. Hi there! I'm just having a minor, recurring issue with my Unity scenes and Plastic. The ProjectSettings\ProjectSettings.asset file is always being marked as Changed, and appears with a black tick next to it in Gluon, whenever I open and close a Unity project. Then when I diff the workspace contents, I get told the Files are identical (even with the Comparison Method as Recognize all), so I am constantly Undo'ing this file to avoid needless commits. Any suggestions on something I may have incorrectly set? Cheers
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