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  1. Hello again! I've had a re-occurrence! @calbzam I added the 'CheckRevisionMetadataSize' line to my local client.conf file, and the file remained marked as changed and checked out (in both Plastic and Gluon). I'm not sure if it's related, but we recently upgraded the Unity version of the project - not sure if that's helpful or not 🤔 Let me know if there's any more tests you'd like me to try while I still have the opportunity. Cheers
  2. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the problem seems to be intermittent; I had to undo the changes for a couple of days, but now the file no longer appears as changed. Would you prefer I added the setting and see if it reoccurred, or wait until it reoccurs and then add the setting? Cheers
  3. Hi Carlos, Refreshing did not help (just a reminder that I'm experiencing this with mainly Gluon usage). I would undo changes, and during the day the file would constantly re-appear in the pending changes (I couldn't work out what I was doing in Unity to trigger it). And yes, the preferences panel in Plastic GUI shows it enabled. And I am constantly closing and opening the GUIs Cheers Paul
  4. Hi again, I've experienced some weirdness again! I have a ProjectSettings.asset file that is appearing in my changelist, but is identical to its predecessor. http://content.invisioncic.com/r155069/monthly_2018_11/image.png.496ebae7f18ac932683134b2fe1ef0d4.png I've checked my client.conf file in my AppData and can see the following setting: <CheckFileContentForChanged>yes</CheckFileContentForChanged> I also double checked the comparison type as Recognize All just in case there were different line endings etc. I'm probably going to have to move on and lose the current state of my work pretty soon, but let me know what extra details I can provide to assist in repro.
  5. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on our files to see if I notice any other weirdness then ? In regards to my second question, are there plans to be able to globally configure the client.conf file? Cheers
  6. Just to follow up on this question again, It appears that changing this setting within Plastic SCM did not affect the Gluon client, so my issue still persists.
  7. I've dug around a bit, and noticed that this setting appears to be located in the client.config file, which doesn't appear to be globally set-able. Is there a plan to include more global config files? This setting in particular has led to a bit of 'noise' within our commit history, and it would be good to set it for all clients.
  8. Thanks Manu! That makes a lot of sense. A couple of follow up questions: - Does changing this setting propagate to Gluon? - Is there a way to set this as a global-config setting so that all users share the setting? Cheers
  9. Hi there! I'm just having a minor, recurring issue with my Unity scenes and Plastic. The ProjectSettings\ProjectSettings.asset file is always being marked as Changed, and appears with a black tick next to it in Gluon, whenever I open and close a Unity project. Then when I diff the workspace contents, I get told the Files are identical (even with the Comparison Method as Recognize all), so I am constantly Undo'ing this file to avoid needless commits. Any suggestions on something I may have incorrectly set? Cheers
  10. Ah right! Thanks for that. Just to clarify, was the reason I was seeing that error message because my server.conf file had the ForceBuildNumberMatch parameter set to 'yes' (sic), rather than the supposedly default 'false'? (I had not changed that setting btw)
  11. Hi there, I thought I'd have a go at upgrading our Server for the first time, following this guide. https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Chapter11:Upgradesystem After upgrading the server, I expected to open up a GUI on the client-side and be presented with an option to upgrade the client to match the server (as the article describes), instead all I got was this: I have an upgrade-windows.xml which appears to be configured the same as the article suggests: <ScriptActions> <Actions> <SetStatus Msg = "Downloading Plastic SCM installer ( ..." /> <SetDistraction Msg = "" /> <SetProgress Value = "20" /> <Download Url = "http://www.plasticscm.com/releases/" ExecuteAfterDownload = "true" DeleteAfterExecute = "true" ContinueOnError = "false" ShowProcessWindow = "true" CloseUpgradeAfterRun = "true" FinalProgress = "100" /> </Actions> </ScriptActions> Not sure what I'm not doing properly (or not doing at all...), so any help would be appreciated! Cheers
  12. Thanks heaps Mikael! That solved my issue. Definitely something I need to keep in mind in the future! Cheers
  13. Hi there! I'm not sure if I'm approaching this in the right way, but would appreciate any feedback regarding my process. I have a dedicated build server with Jenkins installed that has a Plastic user associated with it, and am attempting to run nightly Unity builds and keeping a local partial workspace up to date using the following Windows batch command: cd /d d:\plastic\projects cm partial configure +/%PROJECT_NAME%/WebGL --ignorefailed cm partial update /%PROJECT_NAME%/WebGL However this seems to be getting itself into a very confused/tangled state (or maybe it's me in the very confused state...?) after new items are committed by other users. If I check status, I can see a couple of files checked-out, however when I try to undo checked out items I get: "The object is currently locked. Try later. Workspace: 'd:\plastic\projects'." If I try to update the workspace: "Access to the path [workspace]\.plastic\plastic.wktree is denied" My two questions are: 1. How do I get out of this loop that I'm stuck in? I can't undo checkouts, and I can't update. I can't even delete the workspace directory and start again... 2. What am I doing wrong to get myself into this bind? Should I approach updating a partial workspace in a different way? Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Thanks the info Carlos. It was just a little bit of a surprise to me after I'd spent a week or so setting up our repositories (incl. the external Git libraries) and then having the first users tell me they're not able to get a license ?
  15. I'm also having this issue, (5 licenses purchased, only 4 registered on the server interface) When I print cm li I seem to be getting users of github repos that I have synced repositories from?! I was able to deactivate the users through the command line as an adminstrator, but it is still a bit concerning that these users were created behind the scenes, and weren't able to be managed through the server's web interface