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  1. Thanks Carlos! I couldn't find that in any docs, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. Hi there, We use exclusive checkouts across all our files, and I've just found myself in an interesting situation where a user appears to have a file 'locked' due to having it check out, but we cannot figure out where that file is checked out (i.e. we can't find any workspace on any machines that have this file checked out by him). So I have two related questions: As an admin, is it possible to force a file to be reverted and undo the checkout of another user? If so, how? Is it possible to check where a file is checked out (e.g. workspace and machine name or something similar)? I hope that makes sense. Thanks!
  3. Hi Carlos, Just to clarify, I wasn't creating a new changeset in the Xlinked repo, I was editing it directly from the parent (projects) repo. And the changes were not being picked up in the parent (projects) workspace on different machine when using the partial update code above. Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the quick reply. I might have to restructure how I do things, but currently I am using something like this. projects project1 (Xlink A) Unity (Xlink B ) project2 (Xlink C) Unity (Xlink D) I push new code to Xlink B or D from an overall, local, projects workspace through the GUI (let's say moving it from Changeset 1 to 2) I then run the following code in a projects workspace on a build server cm partial configure +/project1/Unity --ignorefailed cm partial update /project1/* And the Unity Xlink has remained at Changeset 1 I understand it may be easier for me to restructure so that I have individual workspaces for each Unity repo, and then run full updates on those (maybe?), however I'd still appreciate some guidance as to why the above fails to work or some other suggestions. Cheers!
  5. Hi there, I want to only 'cm partial update' on part of a larger workspace (to isolate projects, and save on server space), but I've noticed that my Xlinks are not updating to their latest changeset unless I run a complete 'cm update' on the whole workspace. I'm sure there is some reason for the difference in behaviour, but am I able to achieve the same thing with cm partial and some flags (that I cannot find/work out) or am I attempting the impossible? Cheers!
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