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  1. Thanks for your reply. Launching the executable from terminal indeed made the Ui functional. However, at the time I discovered the issue, I was already using light theme on Mojave.
  2. I have had this issue before build 2613 and I thought it was caused by incompatibility with Mojave. I used the new version and it still not going away. This issues goes away seldomly between startups. I could not find a consistent trigger.
  3. Screen Recording 2018-09-25 at 8.10.10 PM.mov
  4. heshuimu

    Numerous issues with Cloud Edition on Mac

    Hello. So, Mojave officially landed today, I wonder when PlasticSCM will be updated.
  5. heshuimu

    Numerous issues with Cloud Edition on Mac

    Thanks for the reply and it's good to know that this is a known issue. Looking forward for Mojave support. ?
  6. heshuimu

    Numerous issues with Cloud Edition on Mac

    4. After a pull from cloud, almost all files are marked as deleted.
  7. I installed the latest PlasticSCM Cloud Edition on my Mac (10.14 Mojave) for the first time. Here are a list of issues I encountered: 1. After program launched and account login, the cloud repository list is empty whenever I try to create a workspace for a cloud repo. I can type in the name manually for the cloud repo and a workspace is then created. 2. After the workspace is created, the tabs in PlasticSCM GUI will show nothing for a long while like this. 3. After things are shown, I noticed this weird delete change showed up. Trying to revert it give this error message:
  8. heshuimu

    Website & Cloud seems down

    Thank you for the reply! I confirm that as of now I can connect to the cloud server and push branches to it. ?
  9. heshuimu

    Website & Cloud seems down

    As the title says, I am unable to connect to Plastic Cloud and I am unable to open the main site as of Sept 3, 12:26 (Chicago Time). I tried using website down tool and it shows that the website is unreachable in multiple locations.