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    Plastic SCM Raspberry

    Respondido Luis! Muchas gracias por tu interés, te lo agradezco mucho. ¿Has creado un nuevo blogspot entonces? ¿Es posible echarle un vistazo para seguir los pasos? Podemos hablar por twitter para no tener dos hilos abiertos. Thanks!!
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    Plastic SCM Raspberry

    Sorry for taking a long time to answer you, I've been busy these days. As much as I try, I'm not able to make it work in my raspberry. It seems that Linux is not my best friend. I do not know if I'm stupid or I'm doing something wrong, but I've tried a thousand ways to follow the 2015 guide and your comment above. Thank you so much for your answer. I really want to see a good tutorial like the one you say. I would appreciate if you let me know if you finally do the tutorial step by step. It is very important for me to have plastic in my raspberry but for some reason I do not get it. Again thank you and hopefully if you do the tutorial I can help. Thank you thank you thank you!
  3. Hello! Currently still in development plastic for raspberry? I have followed the guide that is in http://blog.plasticscm.com/2015/02/install-plastic-server-on-raspberry-pi.html but it is impossible for me to start the server. The guide is very outdated and there re many things that doesnt work. Would it be possible to upload an .img image with a basic plastic scm server running? Im trying to install it on a pi 3b+. Lasr Raspbian versión (June 2018). On the other hand, can i write in Spanish in the forum? I've been using plastic for 3 years but I'm new in this forum. Thanks for the replies.