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    SVN to Plastic SCM via git sync.

    Hey Carlos, I just sent an email to the provided address with the provided logs, and a link to this forum post. Regards, Terry
  2. Terry Drever

    SVN to Plastic SCM via git sync.

    Hello Carlos! No problems at all, which server logs would you like, and in which directory can I find them? - Terry
  3. Terry Drever

    SVN to Plastic SCM via git sync.

    I may have been a little hasty in my assessment, upon further investigation, the plastic log only contains hourly messages. Quick walkthrough on how I attempted to sort out the gitsync. 1. Created a new repository through plastic SCM cloud edition. 2. Context clicked on it and selected view branches. 3. Context clicked on that and selected replicate -> git sync. 4. Filled in the details. 5. Waited. Is there another log file I can send you? Or is the gitsync conversion process dead? - Terry
  4. Terry Drever

    SVN to Plastic SCM via git sync.

    Hello Carlos! It's not that bad or i'd have given up by now! Last step is to contact support, so here I am The log file mentioned above does seem to be doing something, so I guess i'll just wait for the time being. If I can't get git sync up and running I'll get the local repo up and send you the error that you request. (ATM I started fresh with a new repo because of the issues). - Terry
  5. Hello guys, We've been thinking about switching over from SVN to Plastic Scm, and have been trying to finish the conversion process for days and, i'm sorry to say that so far, nothing works. It seems like every single method for converting from SVN to Plastic Scm has endless issues. I'll list the process i've taken until now, and the hurdles I've faced. Some history.... Our SVN repository is quite large, at about 77k commits, 6 ish years old, once it's fully converted to a Plastic SCM repo it appears to consume around 230gb disk space (much more than the git repo, by 2x). The size and number of commits is likely why I'm experiencing so many issues and why the conversion process is so painful, but your marketing material suggests this shouldn't be an issue We're trying to use Plastic Cloud. So, the initial conversion from SVN to Git, whilst taking forever, didn't really have any issues (other than being time consuming), we had one problematic file, that was a very simple issue to resolve, and nothing to do with plastic scm. When importing to plastic scm, we first attempted to use git fast export and plastic fast import. git export took around 8 hours, and the plastic import around 13 hours. It didn't work due to a random crash (sorry, I didn't grab any logs), but it worked on the second attempt! I now had a local plastic repo that I wanted to push to the cloud repo. Feels like there shouldn't have been any issues, however! The push took around about 14 hours to complete, the first time bombing out due to a network connection error at around about 96% (not really your fault). The second time I ran the push (and then waited another 14 hours), I got an index out of bounds error somewhere beyond 95+%, this is unrecoverable, and because I'd previously had an issue that restarting the client fixed, I tried that again but got the same issue. So, three days later, I still can't replicate the repo onto Pastic Scm cloud! I decided to try another approach, gitsync! This didn't work the first time due to a java out of memory exception in scm manager (not your fault) and was fixed quite simply. The second error however...... I've been looking at the following screen for 5 hours. (attached to this post). Downloading has finished, but Plastic SCM with gitsync has failed to move onto the next step. (I assume importing). Am I supposed to keep waiting now? Or is something going on behind the scenes? I'll be honest with you, the amount of errors and issues i've had with plastic scm are really turning me off it as a product. I'm supposed to roll this out to 50+ developers, have them all use it and I myself don't trust it to function properly. I would honestly have given up by now if it wasn't for the fear of returning to SVN.