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  1. Hi, We use Plastic SCM and Gluon with mostly binary Unreal Engine files: one machine in the studio runs SCM and the rest run Gluon. Several times we've had the same problem come up: SCM will claim that a merge (or branch) is required when checking in files, even when the changed files are not in any of the chagesets in the repository: On Monday, Machine A and machine B were in sync. On Tuesday, Machine A checks in a new version of file X using Gluon. On Wednesday, Machine B attempts to check in new versions of files Y and Z in SCM and we get a message that we need to merge files or make a new branch before we can check in! I have resorted to manually copying the changed files out of the project on the machine running SCM, doing an "undo", syncing the project and then copying the files back into the project!??? It seems inexplicable that Plastic SCM does not say which files are causing the conflicts when these message pop up or offer a simple way to resolve them (when in doubt, the files on machine B should take precedence, etc) -- I must be missing something obvious. Why would SCM be requiring a merge when there are no files in conflict as far as we know? (it would be super great if, when the "merge?" prompt comes up, Plastic listed the files that it thinks are out of sync. The last time I clicked "merge" to see what happens, it was super slow (binary files), file by file (no "skip all", etc) and gave me no better idea of why the merge was required in the first place. When it happened this evening, I made a new branch, which might be fine except now everyone in the studio using Gluon has to find the branch or I need to figure out how to make the merge work before they get to work... What is the recommended workflow for binary files in conflict? Should we branch and then merge the branch using "cherry pick"? Thanks for your help! -Donald Newlands
  2. I'm having a similar issue: In UE 4.19 I committed changes but got an general error, went to Plastic SCM to checkin and was told that a merge was needed (on files that I had not checked out and were not in the pending changes list). I set merge to revert to source on all the proposed merge files and was left with a "pending merge link" in Pending Changes. It says that the pending merge links will be commited when I checkin my changes or undo my changes. However, when I try to checkin, I get an error that I cannot checkin due to the pending merge link and I don't want to undo - I'll lose 4 hours of work! I'm going to copy the files out of the project and try undoing. This is incredibly frustrating. -Donald
  3. Here's the message we're getting in SCM: What would I need to do to get the last fresh copy of citymodel.umap into my workspace? Thanks! -Donald
  4. Calos, Thanks - that might have been the issue in Gluon, but the branch error was in SCM while the Main branch was active. It doesn't make sense that SCM would let me delete a branch and then complain about not being able to find it. -Donald
  5. Deleting and restoring the workspace on "B", the Gluon machine, let me undo my changes. Now back on "A" with SCM, I get a new error when trying to commit changes: "the specified branch xxx cannot be found". I had made a branch and then deleted it with the same instance of SCM, trying to find another way to check in my files. Why would Plastic not switch workspaces when a branch is deleted (or update the workspace to the current changeset when changesets are deleted)?
  6. I made some bad commits, so using Plastic SCM on Workstation "A ", I deleted the changesets and updated my workspace to an earlier point. Working in Unreal Engine, I had to update thousands of binary assets, so I turned off version control... Unfortunately, when I went to SCM to check my files in, Workstation "B" happens to have many of these same assets checked out from one of the deleted changesets in Gluon. Now I can't checkin my changes on "A" because they're locked on "B" and I can't undo my changes and checkin the files on "B" because the changeset is gone. If I try to do an "Undo" in Gluon on the changed files, I get a message that the file can't be downloaded, was "probably" replicated with --nodata and is not in the repository. How can I force Workstation "B" to check in files it can't find in the repository in Gluon? Is there some way that I can abandon the workspace on "B" and re-create it? Thanks in advance! -Donald
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