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  1. Hello, Thanks for the response. No the server version was not updated. Using Windows Server 2012 R2. Would the registered account be "Licensed to:" on the Plastic SCM Server administration Summary screen?
  2. I would assume if the license was somehow changed one of the files in the server directory would be timestamped.
  3. Yes I realize that. I'm trying to figure out how it quit working after the patches applied. We have been using this license for over 1 year and have always used AD and sql backend. I'm trying to figure out what to look at to (changed files, config ...) to see what got changed. I'm just not that familiar with the setup to know where to look. I was using it on Friday 11/16 and then tried to login on Monday 11/19 and that's when I figured out the service was not started and the only event that happened was the patches being applied Monday morning.
  4. After patches applied the service will no longer start. Patches applied at 01:25. Part of the server log. 2018-11-19 01:26:18,509 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at INFO ChannelCall - conn: 0 protocol:local recb: 0|rect: 0|sentb: 0|sendt: 0|queuedt: 0|prt: 859|th: 18|dest: 0|mt: 0|sert: 0|zip: 0|cpu: 171||user::|gitserver2018-11-19 01:29:22,717 65386e9a-bffa-4d4f-834c-79badb59266c NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at MCCAPP01 INFO Transaction - Transaction timeout -> 120000ms2018-11-19 01:29:23,484 65386e9a-bffa-4d4f-834c-79badb59266c NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at MCCAPP01 INFO Transaction - Commit transaction 65386e9a-bffa-4d4f-834c-79badb59266c. Transaction time 766 ms2018-11-19 01:29:23,499 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at FATAL Daemon - Team Edition does not support the specified authentication mode: [ADWorkingMode]. When I look at the Plastic SCM Server administration under User and Licenses it doesn't list anything about what edition we have. We haven't changed the environment (last change was about 8 months ago) so I'm wondering how to go about troubleshooting this. The admin is out on vacation but it seems I have the ability to do some things on the server.