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    Cannot connect to version control

    I already tried to install the .conf but nothing is generated since it didn't make the connection. Sure we can do that but I don't have GoToMeeting. Do you use TeamViewer? It's free and works the same. Please let me know what time(UTC) we can do that. I'll have it ready. Thanks.
  2. ChrisK

    Cannot connect to version control

    I tried all different authentication mode including user/password mode but to no avail. Is there anything I can try? I'm going to give it up unless I can figure it out soon. Are the log generated anywhere other than the Unity "cannot connect" console log? Thanks.
  3. ChrisK

    Cannot connect to version control

    FYI, I installed PSCM in a different folder from the default ./Program Files/... However, it has path env correctly setup to point to the installed folder. Just to make sure the installation location is not an issue... My evaluation time is running out and I wish you can help soon. Thanks.
  4. ChrisK

    Cannot connect to version control

    Hi, I'm using Unity Hub 1.4 Launching directly without using Unity Hub behaves little different. When I click on Edit->Project Setting -> Editor, the Editor will be on pause for a while. I didn't wait long enough to see if it times out. However, I see PlasticSCM process momentarily but it quickly goes away. BTW, does the Authentication mode matters?
  5. ChrisK

    Cannot connect to version control

    I have PlasticSCM server and client running correctly with a default setting. BTW, there are PlasticSCMUnityPlugin.exe and PlasticSCMPlugin.exe in the client folder. What does this do? Is this different version from C:/UnityEditor/2018.2.20f1/Editor/Data/Tools/VersionControl/PlasticSCMPlugin.exe Thanks.