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  1. does that mean that the osx client doesnt have the same functionality as the windows client? is there a way to change the font in the diff windows on osx?
  2. Im on the OSX client. If you right click in a diff window you get this dialog... which brings up this dialog.... If I choose the options menu (like you did in your screenshot) there is no 'configure fonts and colors' menu item. This (above) font menu is the only one Ive been able to find. It works, kind of, in that it changes the font of the right side diff window, but the left side stays too small. Thanks!
  3. Well, it does *something* in the right-side window now. You have to have the cursor in that window and the font will update with the font window settings. However, it changes something in the file so you have to ignore the changes when switching to another file. The font change is retained for the right window only after switching to a different file.
  4. If you right click in the diff window, there is a 'show fonts' menu item. However, changing the font or size doesnt do anything. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Theres no 'apply' button Im missing, is there? Thanks!
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