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    Phantom file changes

    We are seeing quite a lot of phantom files appearing in our merged changesets. That is when we do a merge there are files listed which haven't been touched at all in the branch we are merging into. They are legitimate files though. This ends up causing lots of problems where artists have to merge lots of code related files etc.. If binary files show up it can take a long time to process them, one at a time even though they haven't changed at all. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Cheers, Stephen.
  2. Stephen Taylor

    name_conflict files added during merge

    On merging from our main branch into a user branch the changelist lists some files with name_conflict in the file name. I've used 'Browse repository in this changeset' to look at the contents of the user branch before merging from main and the files in question don't already exist. I also look at the changeset in main and they are named correctly. After the merge and submit to the user branch the files have been changed to have name_conflict in them and the originals are no longer present. The name_conflict files are listed under Added (files added in the merge source) My question is how is this possible? I tried creating another changeset from our user branch before the merge was done and re did the merge to try and reproduce this issue. This time it was all fine, so I'm not sure what went wrong the first time? I have explored a few possibly explanations. 1. What happens if the file was already submitted to the other branch (which it wasn't). In this case I get an evil twin conflict. 2. What happens if the files that I would be getting in the merge were already on my machine but not submitted? I tried this with a txt file and I didn't get any warning conflict or renaming to name_conflict. What did happen though was the file I had locally disappeared in the merge and the contents were lost. When I submitted the merge the file contained what ever was coming down from main. There was .txt.private.0 file left on my machine though which contained the local txt I would have wanted to merge. So this also went wrong but in a different way. Cheers, Stephen.
  3. Hi, So I submitted a changeset to main which included a modification to a file. I then did a subtractive merge and submitted this to main. I could see that the file in question was changed back to the old version. I then did another subtractive merge on the changeset containing the first subtractive merge to restore the files to their original form in my new branch. I submitted this new changeset to my new branch but the file in question was still the old version. Every other file was back to the new version and when I inspect this restorative changeset there is no mention of the file in question, it is missing. If I look at the changeset of the original subtractive merge I can see the file listed and if I try to repro if by doing the restorative subtractive merge again I can see the file is included now. So my question is how could this file have disappeared if the chnagesets are atomic units? Can you think of anything I might have done to make that file disappear? If you try to untick the file before submitting it won't let you as the changeset needs to be treated as a whole. Cheers, Stephen.