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  1. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    Well maybe I have to tell what I'm trying to achieve. We have a PlasticSCM server (version with lots of ASP and DOT.NET repositories. And we want to migrate the source code to BitBucket but continue to use PlasticSCM as client from developer workstations. I have started to move repos one by one using fast-export and GIT fast-import. This worked fine until I tried to move repo which had XLinks to other repositories. I tried to add these repos to gitsync.conf but no luck. Can the problem be that my PlasticSCM has spaces in it's names? Then I have tried to use Replication > Sync To Git from gui. This also fails. And seems like the problem is still in XLinks. I always get a strange EOF error. (The error message is attached as image to this post) My last attempt was to create complete PlasticSCM server's copy, but this time version 7, so I don't harm original server and can remove all xLinks, rename repos etc. But unfortunately i cannot do this either. And then I decided to start this thread. Maybe there is an easier way? Can I use GitServer somehow and just replicate everything at once to another GIT server?
  2. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    Thank you for the answer. I think the problem is network related because after trying several times on the next day - I was able to pass this point. Unfortunately I got next error. I think I'm starting to give up. Fast-export not working, sync not working, basically nothing works...
  3. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    Ok, here's the log file if I try to sync from destination PlasticSCM server (where TO I want to sync). I have erased the file before the sync attempt. plastic.debug.log.txt
  4. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    Sure, I will send logs as soon as I get to the servers.
  5. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    I have found several threads on forum with the same error, but seen in quite different situations.
  6. gonzzza

    "replicate" one server to "another"

    Thankyou! The sync view - that's what i was looking for. The problem is that sync always fails with the same error. Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host; xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:8087. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". And the funny thing that when I try to sync from one repo - it says that connection was closed by other side. I try to replicate one server to another over VPN. Can this be a reason of disconnect?
  7. Hi! I am quite new to PlasticSCM so I'm asking your help with this probably easy task. I have two servers, both currently have Enterprice 30 days trial license: server1: Windows 7, PlasticSCM version server, with PostgreSQL database backend server2: Windows 7, PlasticSCM version server, with Jet database backend I want to “replicate” completely all repositories from server1 to server2, so I can make changes to second server repositories and not worrying about breaking the first one. Some repositories have XLink to others within same server. Currently I have created workspaces on server2 client for each server1 repo, but I want to have ALL repositories on server2 aswell. Can you please point me where to look. Thanks a lot!