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  1. Hi Everyone, I am maintaining a html server which has its code stored on Plastic. This server hosts a static code analysis tool, and I collect the current changeset information to aid in debugging when necessary. The command is being run on a perl script: cm status --selector $workspace_path A server running (let's call it server x) returns this: <branch>@<repo>@<repo_server> (cs:132 - head) Another server running (server y) returns this: cs:<changeset_number>@rep:<repo>@repserver:<repo_server> We have updated both servers to Now, server x returns the same output, but server y returns: cs:<changeset_number>@<repo>@<repo_server> (head) What may be causing the difference? Is this something that can be configured? Can I reasonably expect the output format of this command to change on newer versions? Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Hi Carlos, Thank you very much for your assistance. I've been working on this on-and-off due to our varying workload. I've finally set up a solution I'm satisfied with, and I would like to share it for future reference. We have created a specific repository $repo on our server for those files. $repo has a $branch that only has the "release" versions, meaning any other changes on those files are made on different branches. I've created a batch file that does the following: Create a temporary $workspace for $repo using cm mkwk Switch to latest changeset of $branch using cm switch Set permissions and copy & overwrite files from $workspace to the requested path Remove $workspace using cm rmwk Delete the $workspace folder This procedure also has the advantage of automatically applying updates by simply checking-in the updates to $branch.
  3. Hi Everyone, In my company, we are on a process to slowly migrate from ClearCase to Plastic SCM. They have devised a lot of methods to work with ClearCase over the years, and I am currently trying to "migrate" a specific procedure from CC to Plastic. What we do in CC: 1- We have a common view, let's call it common_view. It has its config spec set to retrieve the correct version of some files using a specific label. 2- Every user has a bat file on their startup configuration (we are using windows) 3- This batch file: Starts common_view from CC server using cleartool (and maps it to X:\common_view\ ) Copies (overwrites certain files (mostly perl scripts and batch files) from the CC view to a specific location (in AppData folder of the user) I would like to do this with plastic. We have already created a repo & workspace with the necessary files and applied the required label to the correct versions of the files. What I need is to download those files to a specific local path (that can be accessed via a script, on all of the users' computers) using a command line interface (I believe cm is the cleartool of Plastic, so to speak). How can I achieve this? Thank you very much for your help in advance.
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