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  1. Hi Carlos, Thank you very much for your assistance. I've been working on this on-and-off due to our varying workload. I've finally set up a solution I'm satisfied with, and I would like to share it for future reference. We have created a specific repository $repo on our server for those files. $repo has a $branch that only has the "release" versions, meaning any other changes on those files are made on different branches. I've created a batch file that does the following: Create a temporary $workspace for $repo using cm mkwk Switch to latest changeset of $branch using cm switch Set permissions and copy & overwrite files from $workspace to the requested path Remove $workspace using cm rmwk Delete the $workspace folder This procedure also has the advantage of automatically applying updates by simply checking-in the updates to $branch.
  2. Hi Everyone, In my company, we are on a process to slowly migrate from ClearCase to Plastic SCM. They have devised a lot of methods to work with ClearCase over the years, and I am currently trying to "migrate" a specific procedure from CC to Plastic. What we do in CC: 1- We have a common view, let's call it common_view. It has its config spec set to retrieve the correct version of some files using a specific label. 2- Every user has a bat file on their startup configuration (we are using windows) 3- This batch file: Starts common_view from CC server using cleartool (and maps it to X:\common_view\ ) Copies (overwrites certain files (mostly perl scripts and batch files) from the CC view to a specific location (in AppData folder of the user) I would like to do this with plastic. We have already created a repo & workspace with the necessary files and applied the required label to the correct versions of the files. What I need is to download those files to a specific local path (that can be accessed via a script, on all of the users' computers) using a command line interface (I believe cm is the cleartool of Plastic, so to speak). How can I achieve this? Thank you very much for your help in advance.
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