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  1. Thanks @manu , I made it work. I was editing the wrong file (branchexplorer.cfg) instead of the file in the local workspace. For those who want to change it, you need to close plastic, change the line from false to true and start plastic again. It would if it was an option. ^^' I'd have done that two years ago if I knew how.
  2. I tried it and it didn't work either. Even if it did, it wouldn't be a good solution as the people who need it the most are beginners who are also the least comfortable to edit .cfg files that could break the software.
  3. I am but colors aren't as convivial as a face and would be better on branches. Plus the settings aren't shared between users which means you have to set them up on each computers. This could be very easy to add with a shared .conf file that would contain that data. username@company.com /plasticavatars/userpicture.jpg branchname #123456
  4. Couldn't agree more. I initially thought "there must be a good reason for that choice" as I was a self taught user of version control with limited experience, and two years later, I'm still bothered by it. Even if there is an explanation, most beginners will be confused by it and will lose time searching for what they misunderstood.
  5. Yes Yes, just make sure ignore.conf isn't confifured to ignore itself and everybody will have the same settings. Glad I could help.
  6. I think he meant is that we traditionally have the branch hierarchy with a list like in the changeset tab. it's like having two halves of one feature. They should merge into one that would work horizontally or vertically with comments near their changeset. While we're at it, more colors and customization would help readability: having colors on branches and avatar pictures on changeset depending on their users would help a lot when working with a big team.
  7. I don't think that's possible but that's a feature I'd support.
  8. I'm not sure scene merging is supported. I've had it work tow years ago but I see a lot of people complaining about it. My advice is to use prefabs instead.
  9. If you don't intend to commit these 30 files, you can tell Plastic to ignore them or their folder. If your project is properly set, you shouldn't see anything in the pending changes that isn't today's work in progress. Also, if check if your ingnore.conf file is shared between users. I think it isn't by default and could be more convenient when working with people who don't already master version control.
  10. Following multiple discussions about that feature and my experiences with Plastic and Git over the last years, I've listed what I think we'd need in order of importance The main feature would able us to clean changesets that aren't merges or labeled (like the "only relevant" feature looks like). Important Block that feature from non manager users. Keep all logs forever. Be able to revert that process during the following month so it's not risky to try it out. Limit cleanup to changesets older than x days. Add rules* so some files aren't affected and keep
  11. Glad to see this feature starts getting some attention and I hope we can get some news about it from the Plastic team. One thing I'd like to address is that we need to keep the meta data. The main reason I don't delete my old repo and start fresh is that, while I'll unlikely to need the data after a year, I could still need the full history for legal reasons. Keeping all the logs is like having a dashcam for work. It can save a lot of trouble if there is some kind of disagreement and should be kept a few years.
  12. Manually checking out can be confusing. Unity should make it automatic and transparent for the user.
  13. I'm currently working with a team using Git. There is an interesting feature called squash that Plastic could use for inspiration. You work on a branch, do your thing that can include changing 3GB of texture everyday and, once you're done and you merge on Main, you have the option to squash your branch into one changeset. This way, you can always get back to it but only keep the result and not the whole history. In the end, your history would look like you use the "only relevant" display option. All the important steps are still available but not the everyday changes. One
  14. Hi. Now that you've been bought by Unity, my feature suggestion might be less of a niche market. There already some user concerns about this because Collaborate has a different policy for Data storage. https://forum.unity.com/threads/announcement-plastic-scm-joins-unity-here-is-the-collaborate-to-plastic-scm-migration-guide.953252/#post-6222609 I hope that features can be done. 😀 Thanks
  15. Probleme solved thanks to Plastic's responsiveness and good support. 👍 Here is how it was done for people who'd need it. Close Plastic. Open your project folder and locate .Plastic (it's a hidden folder). You'll find some files containing the data like your current merge. delete the file causing an issue. Restart Plastic and go to the changeset you wanted. I'm not sure which file to delete keep in mind this is a risky solution, so in fou have doubts, I'd recommend contacting support about this. Hopfully, we can get an option to clean these files from the main interface and not w
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