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  1. Probleme solved thanks to Plastic's responsiveness and good support. 👍 Here is how it was done for people who'd need it. Close Plastic. Open your project folder and locate .Plastic (it's a hidden folder). You'll find some files containing the data like your current merge. delete the file causing an issue. Restart Plastic and go to the changeset you wanted. I'm not sure which file to delete keep in mind this is a risky solution, so in fou have doubts, I'd recommend contacting support about this. Hopfully, we can get an option to clean these files from the main interface and not worry about this anymore.
  2. Hi. I'm stuck in an infinite loop. I think this issue has been caused by some files with a ridiculous long name (from an asset that I bought). I deleted these files but plastic keeps trying to track them or something and won't let me get back to work. I currently can't get my late changes because there is a merge pending. The merge is empty, so I can't do anything about it. Reverting my local changes doesn't work because of an error (certainly caused by the long name file). What can i do? This is not the first time I'm stuck in a similar situation. We need an option to switch to a changeset and forget about whatever was causing an issue. Even when I manage to find a solution, it's way too complicated to deal with it. In this instance, I'm stuck with a merge I didn't even want in the first place. Can't we get that option? I understand you want to avoid users losing data but in my experience, dealing with an obtuse version control is much worse. You could baby-proof it with a window asking the user to type "I understand i will lose my local changes but this is an emergency" to use it. Thanks
  3. It worked. 😀 And it didn't have to redownload the whole project. It went to my chosen changeset. Thanks again for your help and I hope this will be usefull until you fix that bug.
  4. Hi Pablo and thanks for answering me on Sunday. So I tried and do get the "home changeset again" but it's the first one meaning Plastic is going to redownload my whole project. This is what I'm trying to avoid because I have a bad bandwidth. I tried editing the selector to get to my targeted changeset but Plastic ignores it. Any way I can do that? repository "MyProject@Myplasticlcoud@cloud" path "/" smartbranch "/main/Car Tournament Retrieval" changeset "435" PS: I do have an other instance of Plastic working at the moment (Making a new workspace from a local repo). Edit: re reading your message I understand it should go to my chosen changeset. Trying it and hoping I won't have to redownload the whole thing.
  5. Hi. I'm currently locked by Plastic because of a deleted changeset. I have some local changes that I cannot undo or commit because the home changeset has been deleted from an other computer and there is no option to handle that situation. I'm stuck because of a deleted empty folder. I can't revert it, I can't commit it, I can't shelve it. I tried to create an other folder with the exact same name and it doesn't work either because Plastic think it's a new one. I tried editing the plastic.selector file to "manually" get to a valid changeset but it does nothing. To put is simply, nothing works because of that missing changeset and Plastic doesn't know how to handle that situation. Is there any way I can force plastic to change the home changeset? Thanks
  6. This is an issue I've had more than once and that keeps getting back. I'm currently reverting to a changeset and plastic keeps asking for the encryption key. I see on the progress bar that it works but then it asks for it again and again. I have no idea if I it doesn't recognize the key or if it's unable to memorize it. In any case I'm stuck because I can't humanly spend days entering that key hoping it might work. Can somebody help with this? Thanks.
  7. I just sent you the logs by email at support@codicesoftware.com . request (#17510) I'm currently uploading some data on an other repo (architecture) and had a failure less than one hour ago (around 15h25). I had the error message "an existing connection must have been close by distant host". I hope that helps. Thanks.
  8. Hi and thanks for your help. Yes I'm uploading to a cloud repo. Can you tell me how to get you the log? I'll reproduce the issue and send that to you. I'm located near Paris and the datacenter I chose is in Netherland so I don't think that's the problem. I've seen I can make a local commit. I'll try to see if it works with it. That said, it would be inconvenient because I would need to be carefull not to forget sending my data to the cloud. I just tested the compression setting. According to the progress bar, I still have the same amount of data to send but it might go faster. I'll test it with some big files.
  9. Hi. As the title says, I have a 1MB upload bandwith. This seems to be an issue because when trying to upload too much data I get some error message telling me I lost connection after around 15mins. Is there any ways I can set things up so it would work? Note that I know my connecton is stable and that I'm able to send big files on other services like Github or wetransfer. Thanks.
  10. I'm glad this is welcome. I think you have some business to gain from unity's users since they screwed up badly with their own service (Collaborate). It was so neglected and full of bugs that it became unusable. I subscribed to your service in an emergency and believe you should offer a unity preset plan because that's what I was looking for.
  11. Hi Psantosl and thanks for that quick reply. Yes that is correct. A coworker and I are currently working on a large game level. The scene file is 130MB and it's lightmap 1.7GB. We re-bake the lighmap once or twice a week and it's only on the cloud server so it's shared on our computers. We don't need versioning on it since it can always be re-baked. The scenes are sent back and forth to each other all the time so they can be uploaded +5 times a day which is more than we need for long term backups. As you can see, this can pile up quickly for minor changes. The lightmap is easy to deal with. Unity creates a file always called "LightingData.asset" so all we would need is a rule for these files to only keep N revisions as you suggested. For files like my scene, above a certain weight, it's a bit trickier. A solution would be to have an other rule to discard chosen assets after x days, but because we might need to get it back to a previous version after that date, we could set an exception with a milestone. A milestone would be a "super-changeset" where that rule doesn't apply. In practice here is how it would go. We're working as usual and set an occasional milestone each week when we're satisfied with our work. At this point we can always go back to any changeset because recent data is kept on it as long as it is not a lightmap. Six month later, a client asks us to revert some changes on that scene we were done with: most of the scenes data was erased after x days to save space but we have the milestones which is enough for what we need. I understand my request might be unusual. I'm working on a big unity project to make multiple mini games that share the same assets so I'm not creating a new repository each time a create a new one. That means the data I'm currently pilling up could follow me for the next years and would cost me a lot on the long run. So while it's not urgent, I hope we can find a solution to avoid hoarding too much data. Thanks
  12. Hi. When I started using Plastic few weeks ago, I was pleased to see my usage on the cloud server was less that the assets on my hard drive but this has shifted the other way since. I understand plastic also stores previous versions of my files: if I save often update a 1GB psd file for example, it's fair that it uses more than 1GB on the cloud. That said, I know I don't need to keep previous versions of files like lighmaps data and was wondering if there are some optimizations I could use so I don't end up using 3x my local data on the cloud. Is that possible? Thanks
  13. Sure. The most common scenario to me is working on a project and having a client or freelancer needing to work with me on it. It happened in the past before I was using plastic and i couldn't do that because that meant letting said client access source files, homemade/paid tools or confidential features just so they could work on some isolated assets. As a result, I had to manually re-import each of their updates which was disruptive and time consuming. There is also a practical aspect to it: my project is currently 80GB, I don't want anybody who works with me to have to download the whole thing while they don't need it. Think of my project as an office building: many people work it it but some area are limited to selected employees. This may not be common practice in the field, but Unity project's are very modular and as long as you know what you're doing, you can remove chunks of it without breaking the parts that are not using it. This way they can work on a altered version of the project without me worrying about people not respecting their NDA. I hope that answer your question. Thanks.
  14. Hi. I recently started using the path permission feature. Very practical, it allows me to have some private folders in my project that can be un-modifiable or invisible to users or group of users. But working on Unity, asset files come with a meta file. If I fully lock out a user from a folder and don't manually set the same permission for the meta file, the latter will be deleted by their Unity and appears added and deleted in our change set. That means forgetting the meta file would reveal there is a hidden folder to users who should not know about it. This could be solved by adding a multiple paths section feature for starter. And then adding an auto select meta file considering on Unity, it has the exact same name with .meta at the end. Thanks
  15. Anything new about this? I've been using Plastic for 1.5 month now and got stuck in this situation more than once. I think this is the only major issue I've met with this service and it is very frustrating because it's a simple bad UI design problem. Currently I can't do anything because whatever I try I get either a message telling me I have a merge pending or that I have changes pending. Either option is impossible to achieve and no solution is available. @manu You really need to work on this. All we need is a simple link the the merge window. It doesn't make sense that I can't find it anywhere and can cost us a lot if a beginner user is stuck like this while working offsite. Thanks.
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