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  1. Since Gluon defaults to have no files/folders added to your workspace, and seeing as there's probably a reason why someone is adding a workspace (i.e. to get files/folders), why not put you right into the configuration screen? This has stumbled a few people who didn't know why they weren't pulling any files and it's annoying to resolve it remotely since you have to go step-by-step verifying everything they've done.
  2. I second that there should be a way to turn off all owls with a simple checkbox somewhere. It sounds pretty crazy to me that you don't already have it. Going one-by-one turning them off is irritating. PS: downloading, compiling, and running some random program off the internet to do this and alter my windows keys is just as insane IMO.
  3. I hope you add the ability to check in individual files soon because without it Plastic seems much less usable than other solutions. I truly mean this as constructive criticism, but there are tens of thousands of times in a project I just want to make a quick change to a single file or two. As an example of just wanting to change a file real quick: Perforce: check file out, make a quick change, check it in Git: make a quick change, stage, pull, pushPlastic:check file out, make changes, check in, click "merge later", wait for it to create a branch, open the branch explorer, locate your new branch by figuring out what name the earlier step assigned it, right-click the branch, go to "Advanced" (not the "Advanced" at the bottom of the context menu, the one around the middle), select "Merge from this changeset to", pop up will appear, select "/main" and click ok at the bottom of the pop up. For now, I switch between Gluon and Developer Mode depending on what I'm doing, but at each switch I have to leave the Pending Changes empty which is a PITA. Again, as constructive criticism I'm saying this workflow borders on unreasonable for teams larger than 3-4 people.
  4. The pending changes had some small text files from the repository I had auto-checked out. They are generated files, so I didn't notice I had changed them. The 1000+ files added where repository files that where unchanged but for whatever reason added to the Pending Changes. I mean, hitting "Update Workspace" should get the latest version of all my files in that repository which are different from the local version, and ask for merges where appropriate. Hitting "Update Workspace" should not add 1000+ files into the Pending Changes. Sounds like a bug to me.
  5. I hit "Update Workspace" and the client told me that I had a few pending files - I had 4-5 little text files changed - and said I could continue with the update anyway. I clicked "Continue", and all of the sudden my Pending Changes had 1000+ files in it. Is this a bug? What's happening here?
  6. It sounds like with Plastic we have to choose between not having easy branches, and not being able to merge individual files without creating extra branches. I understand the logic though. Is there a Plastic API I can use to put some workaround functionality into the developer mode client? Like if I want to merge 2/10 files into the main branch, make it automatically do the intermediate processes (like creating a separate branch, shelve files, etc) in the background and merge?
  7. We're evaluating Plastic using the regular client (not gluon) and there's one aspect about it that seems to work against our normal workflow (as opposed to Perforce which we're used to). At any one time I'll have 10 files checked out. I will undo about 5, check in 2, and keep the other 3 untouched. The ones I want untouched, I might have checked out for weeks (or months) through multiple checkins, and eventually check in or sometimes undo. In Plastic this workflow is problematic. I can't just check in the 2/10 files and merge them into the main branch on their own. It either wants me to put them on a separate branch and then merge to the main branch, or do a messy merge with main where it tries to merge all my pending changes - not just the 2 I want to check in. I know it probably works this way in Gluon (haven't tried it), but I want to know if there's a way to do it in the regular client. I don't think source control should dictate our company's workflow, so I hope there's something I'm missing.
  8. Even on Dark Theme mode, the background for Workspace Explorer, Workspaces, Repositories, etc, are still white. Any way to fix this?
  9. As the title says, the search bar doesn't do anything for me or people I work with, and I can't check if this issue has already been brought up because of it. We tried in Chrome, Edge, IE, and on different machines in different networks. Is this feature not implemented yet, or is there a way to make this work?
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