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  1. Just testing the feature and noticed this today. It's something we use regularly enough that it'd be nice to have. Even if I delete from local repo I can't push up, can only re-pull! Cheers
  2. I have been a PC Plastic user for 6+ years and I love it. I recently changed job and was asked about what VCS I would recommend and I recommended plastic. I was unaware that the Mac client was so flakey. The person in charge of making a decision as to whether to go with Plastic is a mac user and his experience of the last day or so is not looking good. NOTE: he is on a brand new macbook, latest cloud client and latest apple OS Attached is an error he says he is consistently getting just browsing around the UI. He also wanted to view pending changes as a tree but couldn't do it (Unlike the right click menu on PC) He wanted to be able to view a branches set of changesets, move through them and see a list of files for that changeset in some window/pane. He is coming from Source tree that allows all this and so does the PC Client It seems that Mac client support is still very much an after thought and is there ever any chance it will get some decent development time? I expect you will lose a sale because of the experience he has had which is unfortunate. Plastic SCM is great and we may end up moving to some rubbish like git
  3. It seems it's still not available or is it hidden? We are evaluating plastic and one of the people making the decision on whether to use it is a Mac user used to SourceTree. This could be a deal breaker.
  4. Found where to do it. There's a new Sync Cloud option on the left that I hadn't noticed. I was pushing from within the context menus.
  5. Hi there. Long time plastic user but first time cloud user (We are evaluating). I was experimenting by making a bunch of branches like I would normally do for features and merged them up to my main branch. I then pushed main to the cloud and found that ONLY main went up. Is there a way to change this so changed children go up too? I ask because it effectively loses all the history of work in the cloud which we wouldn't want . It seems all I can do is to manually push them up which would be tiresome. Any other method or best practice here? Cheers EDIT: I just tried pushing a branch that was a child of a child. Now in the cloud there is a floating branch unconnected to anything. This seems weird.
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