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  1. Plastic Server 6 service was not started even it was setted to automatic, i started than everything working again but the download speed still very low
  2. Alright, thank you, let me check these, anyway the downloading speed up setting did not worked for me, it's still downloaded with around 1mb/s than i'm canceled the downloading and next time i got the mentioned error
  3. If i go to preferences and in the User profile, i got the following: "Cannot retrieve the profile from local:7178."
  4. Today i got the following error in the Plastic SCM gui "Cannot retrieve license information from the plastic SCM server. Retrying "counter" Try again now button" I tryed to make download speed run faster(uber slow downlaoding speed like 1mb/s and i need to download 50GB) with this methon then i got the mentioned error: " Find your client.conf file – usually in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\plastic4. Open it, scroll down to <DownloadPoolSize>1</DownloadPoolSize> and change it to <DownloadPoolSize>16</DownloadPoolSize> " So now i can't do anything, always got this error
  5. Hello! I did that change: " Find your client.conf file – usually in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\plastic4. Open it, scroll down to <DownloadPoolSize>1</DownloadPoolSize> and change it to <DownloadPoolSize>16</DownloadPoolSize> Now you’re downloadING at 200mbps. Cya. " but it's still downloading with around 1mb/s, i have 100/100 fiber. Edit: After restarting, now i'm getting the following in Plastic SCM Cannot retrieve license information from the Plastic SCM server. Retrying in "counter", and button with Try again now
  6. Yes you are right. The problem source was, when i setted up the Plastic GUI i created a workspace, so that was my default workspace and from Unity i was committed the project to an another workspace and when i removed the changeset this another workspace was not updated automaticly but after i switched to that workspace than switched to the last existing changeset, all works, so i think in the future it will automaticly update this workspace if i remove changesets. Thank you for your explanation!
  7. I figured out in the branch Explorer i switched the workspace to the latest changeset which was 2, so its now working.
  8. I got same error in the app when i try to Checkin, is there a way to revert the workspace from changeset 3 to 2? because the changeset 3 is doesn't exist.
  9. Hello! After a bad commit(only half of the files were commited from unity), reversed the changeset in Plastic SCM app, but now in Unity i always got the following error: "PlasticSCM : The specified changeset 3 can't be found." it seems changeset are remained in the 3 changeset even the real changeset is on 2 in the app, do i need to do something in Unity to get synced with the cloud changeset?
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