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  1. Hi, Thanks for the support, the issue has been resolved. There was a SQL Server upgrade happened that changes the database path. After coordinating with DBA team and setting up the new path in db.conf file the issue got resolved. Thanks, Babu Veeravelu
  2. Hi, Thanks for the prompt response with your inputs. I am reaching out to the teams and will get back with details and outcomes, if we are still having issue. Thanks, Babu Veeravelu
  3. Issue: Getting (attached) error message ("Create Database failed") while trying to create new repository. But able to create a child/sub repository of the repository that already exists. Plastic SCM Version: installed in Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL Server 2008 R2; Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 10.50.2500.0; Operating System 6.1.7600 Details: Was working fine with this server for more than 2 years and suddenly starting this week, we are not able to create any new parent repository in one the plastic scm server. Getting the attached error message. Please provide some insights and recommendations what could be the reasons for this error and how to fix it. Let me know for any more details or information required. Thanks, Babu Veeravelu
  4. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the input. Your question & Suggestion: How many cores has your server?I would increase the thread n´╗┐umber from the web admin panel: My answer and action taken on suggestion: We had 2 cores and 2 threads, as per your recommendation we had increased to 4 cores and matched with 4 threads now. Question to you: You above screen shot shows 4 circled but max threads as 16, Could you please elaborate on this numbers?
  5. Hi, Attached the log files of April 19 & 20, 2019 for your reference. Thanks, plastic.relevant.log.txt.20190420plastic.relevant.log.txt.20190419plastic.errors.log.txt.20190420plastic.errors.log.txt.20190419plastic.debug.log.txt.20190420plastic.debug.log.txt.20190419plastic.channelcall.log.txt.20190420Babuplastic.channelcall.log.txt.20190419
  6. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, For today's issue, I couldn't check the status because I was not called. But for the issue reported on last Saturday April 20, 2019. I did try the below command after logging into the server. $ service plasticsd status Also, when I tried restart the service by entering first $ service plasticsd stop command, it threw a "FAILED" message, and then when I tried for $ service plasticsd start it resulted in saying service already running. I will try to get the logs for the day of April 20, 2019 to see if that helps.
  7. Hi, Attaching the log files for reference. Thanks, Babuplastic.relevant.log.txtplastic.realtime.requests.log.txtplastic.errors.log.txtplastic.debug.log.txtplastic.channelcall.log.txt
  8. Hi, Problem Report: Plastic SCM version 7 installed in Linux often hungs and throws error "No connection could be made becasue the target machine actively refused it <IP:PORT>". Action Taken/Workaround: Checked the status of Plastic SCM service and found it's active. Tried stop and start the service but couldn't because it throws error saying operation FAILED. Reboot the Linux server, then able to establish connection. Note: We have two other Plastic SCM running in two different Windows machine without any issues for years. But the Linux one started few months ago had connection issue reported once a week. This issue mostly occurs during 12 to 4 AM EST (onshore off business hours, but Offshore's active check-in hours) Objective: Plastic SCM should be available and able to connect all time without any connection issue, other than maintenance downtime. Question(s): 1. Any input and thoughts on What's causing the connection issue? 2. Please let me know for any log files required to take a look. Please let me know for any further information or question. Thanks, Babu
  9. Hi, Thank You so much for the inputs. Thanks, Babu Veeravelu
  10. Hi, Thanks for the prompt response and suggestion. Summary: Using Plastic GUI replication menu option I am able to accomplish my requirement, but only by branch by branch and rename the root branch to the actual (because the replicate option names it "main" by default). So, this way it takes additional time with manual effort. Action Taken in Detail: Tried using the cm clone command line option but it threw error as shown below. > cm clone SandBox@plastic01:<port> SandBox@plastic02:<port> Command 'clone' not found. Type cm showcommands to get a command list. Also, tried using the cm replicate command but got the below error, tried multiple option like passing user id, password and authmode but no luck. >cm replicate SandBox@plastic01:<port> SandBox@plastic02:<port> The specified repository couldn't be found: plastic01:<port>. Question: Wanted to automate this task, So need command line working either through cm clone or cm replicate. What is missing in those above tries? Do you have any example command script that shows, cloning of repository from Windows To Windows plastic server & Windows To Unix plastic server ? Note: I am using Plastic Version
  11. Hi, Objective: Need to move few of repositories from one plastic server ("plastic01") to another plastic server ("plastic02", this server already have 50+ repositories) with the same branch naming and structure with the history and same timestamp as in plastic01. Action Taken: Used the fast-export and fast-import commands as shown below and noticed the changeset are being skipped. Question(s): 1. What is missing in my command that was used below? 2. Is there any pre-setting needs to be done before using these commands? 3. Noticed the imported repository root branch is named as "main" with though the actual root branch is named as "production" and with the date & timestamp of when the command got executed. How do I get this work as I expected? Please let me know for any further information or question. Below are the execution command with output. C:\Test\PlasticRepoMigration>cm fast-export SandBox_SQL@<plastic_server01>:<port> SandBox_SQL.fast-export Getting branch list... Getting changeset list... Building changeset list... 2 changesets retrieved 2 changesets will be exported 0 labels will be exported 0 merges found 0 csets are out of order Skipping changeset 0@/production. Processing changeset 1@/production/DEVELOPMENT 2/2. Elapsed 00:00:00.1880000. Estimated: 00:00:00.1880000. Remaining: 00:00:00 C:\Test\PlasticRepoMigration>cm fast-import SandBox_SQL@<plastic_server02>:<port> SandBox_SQL.fast-export There has been an unexpected error "Could not find file '/data01/rep_219/changesets/changesets.dat'.". For more information check the server log. blob mark :1 blob mark :2 commit refs/heads/production-DEVELOPMENT mark :3 author <authorid> <authorid> 1552672420 -0400 committer <authorid> <authorid> 1552672420 -0400 data 92 M 100644 :1 databaseScripts/test_sp_file.sp M 100644 :2 databaseScripts/test_sql_file.sql There has been an unexpected error "Could not find file '/data01/rep_219/changes ets/changesets.dat'.". For more information check the server log.
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