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  1. Sorry for the delay. I haven't used Plastic with Visual Studio nor upgraded since I installed Plastic. I haven't been getting this issue in the past 2 months, but I didn't do anything of note to fix it. One thing that has changed is the team's server was apparently locked by Plastic at one point for some reason, and we got it lifted. I'm not sure if that is related or not.
  2. I'm on Plastic - Muse - Knights of Cydonia. I'm using Plastic cloud edition but not the Visual Studio package.
  3. For the past few months, the Plastic SCM client keeps asking me to log in most of the times I open it, at least once a day, despite me having already logged in and verified my information a long time ago. When this happens, it brings me to the getting started screen, I click the X, then I open Plastic again and everything is fine. The weird thing is this happens even if I enter invalid data to both the email and password fields to speed things up. This has been very frustrating and I'm looking for a reason this happens and a way to fix it. Thank you very much in advance!
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