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  1. My whole repo mostly consists from binary files. Most of them have very small delta . So basically if i understand right it works following way: for example for 100mb file. 1) 100 mb file splitted on chunks which every 4 mb size ( so 25 chunks in total) 2) on second step i do one byte change in this file . SCM search what chunk contain my change. .SCM store previous 4mb chunk and create a new 4mb chunk with change. So for me if i do 100 changes which in reality changed only 100 bytes . It will cost on repo storage 400megabytes . Am i right ? It is not a request to change something. I just ask questions for better understanding internals and what i have to expect. It is ok. Not worry about me. Can you please tell me any name which will be fine for you. I will be happy to set it. I also have one more question. Is any way to disable detection pending changes like "Date modified". Because sometimes files between reversions identical but modification date changed. And this files sit in pending changes even if were no real changes.
  2. I can. Can you answer my question ? PS: I removed numbers from my name so now it is more look like real name.
  3. Is it implemented already? I mean is it still save every binary file chunks separate or deltas ? I seen somewhere that delta for binary chunks was in plans to implement but it was years ago.
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