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  1. Hi again. At least I found that it is a good idea to close all tabs in the plastic UI of the changed workspace or workspace to change, esp. the 'Pending Changes' prior or after the workspace movement. This will erase the "Workspace info cannot be null´╗┐" issue. The approach gives also possibility to change workspace name by changing the name in [workspace].plastic/plastic.workspace and "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\plastic.workspaces" as well identically. @calbzam: Though a litte off-topic: Is there a way to increase the number of choosable workspaces in plastic ui from a fixed number of 7 without the notion to use "Open other workspace ..."? Thanks and regards Frank
  2. Hi. I tried this, too, but now I am getting the error "Workspace info cannot be null" when I open the workspace in plastic UI (Saxon). How can I solve this? Update: I just found another info in this forum which outlines just the opposite approach (don't move the .plastic folder) Which guideline is correct and failsafe? Regards Frank
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