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  1. I need help, I've been sitting on the system for hours now and can't get any further. I think I have the "Henne Ei question" here, after selecting ldap as my ahtentifzierungs provider, I can't log in anymore to assign the groups/users to the Repserver. As long as I use Authmode "Local Name" or "User and Password" i can't access the ldap groups/users. How should I authorize a user from the ldap directory to access the system, what am I doing wrong? Thanks Steffen
  2. Hi, the ldap configuration works but how can i give a ldap user permission to the repserver? If I connect to the repserver with the configuration wizard using an ldap user, everything is OK, but if I want to log in to the application, I get the message "User unknown". Thanks Steffen
  3. Hi, i installed PlasticSCM on a Windows Server 2012 R2 and successfully connected it to ldap, how do I authorize the users/groups on the system? If i want to login ther comes "User unknown"
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