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  1. ...and they're amazing! Shout out to whoever saw fit to give a band as obscure as Savatage a plug.
  2. zhutwo

    Appreciation post

    Hey, just thought I'd say thanks to the devs and support team for the good job you guys are doing. Plastic has been easy to use for the most part and the support team has always been quick to reply when I've had questions. Keep up the good work! (This message was not paid for)
  3. I understand that the file cloak feature is to prevent files from automatically being downloaded on update. The example given in the documentation is for files that someone else updates but doesn't concern your work. What happens if the file doesn't exist yet on someone's workspace? Is it auto-downloaded in that instance or still ignored? I have some files that I need to upload for my own reference that nobody else needs on their disk, would cloaking be the appropriate method here?
  4. Is there any way to rename branches on the cloud? Renaming them in the client only seems to affect the local repo, and syncing to cloud doesn't seem to push name changes. The original name persists when setting up a new workstation.
  5. Ah, so my client actually doesn't have that option. I'm on Cloud Edition.
  6. Hi, just wondering what's the rationale behind only having right-click menu shortcuts for adding to cloaked and hidden changes but not to the general ignore.conf. EDIT: Sorry, put this in the wrong subsection, should be in PlasticSCM/General.
  7. The first time I installed, I had also set a custom install path. I used the default C:\PlasticSCM5 the second time.
  8. I was setting up Plastic SCM for the first time today. I first installed the Team Edition client, with the "server components" option unticked as my teammate was planning on hosting a local server. While he was setting that up, I decided to try the Cloud Edition client. At this point, I hadn't uninstalled my previous Team Edition install and launched the Cloud Edition installer, which prompted me to replace the existing installation - I confirmed. When I launched Cloud Edition and attempted to set up a new repo, I received the "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" error. After doing an uninstall and reinstall, everything worked fine. I noticed that in the old install, there was no "server" folder in the PlasticSCM installation directory, and I believe this may have been due to my previous install which unticked "server components". Hopefully this information can be of use to the Plastic devs, as this sounds like a very specific case bug that could confound and turn off a new user.
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