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  1. Hi , How to get all the host information of proxy servers which are using by the plastic scm? Regards, Deepak Kumar
  2. Hi , I wanted to copy one repository to another repository, in order to reproduce the same issue which original repository has,as I don't want to make any changes in original repository. Please share your steps to clone one repository to another repository in plastic SCM?
  3. Hi, I need to install client.config on Test Server as I am not able to run any command in Test Server.Please let me know the steps and information required to configure the client.config in plastic scm. Regards, Deepak Kumar
  4. Hi, How to get the list of all repository available in plastic scm server? Regards, Deepak Kumar
  5. when I installed plastic scm client version,it has 10 repository which is showing in the list,but out of 10 how can I find which are the default repository available and which repository is allocated for me?
  6. Hi, what is the default repository visible to all of the user in plastic SCM ? Please share your ideas how can we get to know about this? Regards, Deepak
  7. Hi, what will happens when we upgrade or download the plastic SCM Client installation with the latest version but still our server is with older version ? Can we face any issue ? we are using below link to download the plastic scm client version https://www.plasticscm.com/download and click on Enterprise Edition. For Example lastic SCM Client version we are using version i.e the latest one we get it from the download link but Plastic SCM server is having version which is old one.what will be the effect? Please share your suggestion ?
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