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  1. Suddenly,it can work,I'm confused. I switch to the Personal Edition,then I switch it back and reload the license. Even though I don't know why it can work but thanks for the help.
  2. -Yes, it is able to run. -The first image. -No,I didn't find it.
  3. Thanks for replying. The first image is what I get. I find my co-worker's computer is running the Plasticd.exe at the Task Manager, But I didn't.(Image -2) Plus, I also don't know how to do this.(Image -3) Thanks.
  4. I'm sorry I did't tell the details. When my team license has expired,and they gave me a new one,I uploaded it through the Serve admin console-webadmin, the Expiration has updated, then I tried reboot the service of the Plastic,But I still got this: So,I found the Plasticd.exe did't work, My OS is windows10.
  5. Hi,When I was using the Plastic,My plasticd.exe wno't work,so I can't reset the lisence,what can I do?
  6. Hey,While I'm using the Plastic, the plasticd.exe won't work, so even if I reload the license I still can't reset the license, what can I do?
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