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  1. I never really considered that, just seemed too messy... But looked it up and found a nice installer from IBMs site. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  2. My case is C++... It seemed unlikely that I would need Java for that, but you're saying I do? That's unfortunate... Seemed like a really useful tool, but I've managed without it before, so I guess I can manage going forward too. :-) Thank you for your answer!
  3. No one here knows? Semanticmerge seems great, and I really want to use it... :-\
  4. Do I seriously need to buy a java license to use this tool, or is there a way to disable java support and get it running without java installed? I have no java, or java based languages in my environment or code, but it's asking me to install java as soon as I try to run a git merge. Oddly, this seems to have very little mention in any help, etc. I can't seem to find anything when googling. 😞 Semanticmerge isn't written in java, is it? 😱
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