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  1. Hi, I'll share it with the team. Thanks! Let us know if you need anything else. Best regards, Héber.
  2. Hi Jani, I'm afraid Code Review replication is not supported, so it won't be fully functional in your setup. But, don't panic, as there are some options. First, to send the metadata without needing to create a new changeset, you can right-click on the branch, then "push/pull" and then push the branch. This way, all the metadata should be sent. The other option is to work directly against cloud, but it is not what you want. You can still perform code reviews, however, you won't be able to change the status when checkin in, you won't be able to see the comments GUID. I think this stands for questions a and c. For question b, you can create a code review directly to cloud without needing to create a new workspace. Just go to the repositories view, right click the desired repo, view branches, and then new code review for the desired branch. As I have said, this way you can create code reviews, but replication is still not supported, so you will be able to get it, but not to submit the status change directly. Tell me if I haven't been clear, or if there is anything else I can help you with. Best regards, Héber.
  3. Hi, Yes, adding those files to the cloaked list would prevent your team from downloading them. However, the cloaked.conf should be in their own workspaces so you would have to share it with them. Best regards, Héber.
  4. Hi Silas, I'm afraid right now importing LFS files is not supported. The best way to have them is to perform a fast-import to get the history of the repo, and then manually copy the files into the workspaces. After that, you just push the changes and you have the repo up to date. But I'm afraid you won't have those LFS files old revisions. Best regards, Héber.
  5. Hi Marc, I'm afraid we don't have anything official, but you can check this thread: You will need to install mono and then proceed with the zips provided. We know other users have installed it in their Synology NAS, but it is not officially supported. Best regards, Héber.
  6. Hi! Would you mind sharing the terms you used in your search? We want to improve it and see why you couldn't find any proper information. Best, Héber.
  7. Hi, Glad you could do it! Subtractive interval was the best option there, yes. Other option was to delete the changests if you didn't want to keep the history, but we do not recommend it. I'll share it with the team, because if it was hard to find for you, it will probably be hard for the rest of our users. Best regards and thank you for the feedback, Héber.
  8. Hi Francois, Which is your client version? It should disappear if you upgrade to the latest one. If it doesn't, could send the plastic.debug.log.txt to our support e-mail support@codicesoftware.com please? Best, Héber.
  9. Hi Emran, Could you please send us both this message and the client plastic.debug.log.txt to support@codicesoftware.com ? It is a bit weird and we need to review those logs to see what is preventing Plastic GUI from launching. Best, Héber.
  10. Hi, We found the problem: there is a bug in the transaction code that is causing a deadlock. It is caused by a very, very strange condition. We suspect the bug has been there sitting for months. We'll do our best to fix it asap.What we've done already is to sequentially restart the nodes attending requests, so the service will get back to normal.Everything should be working by now. Sorry for the inconveniences, Héber.
  11. Hi, I'm afraid you are right. Changing the font on Mac is something not implemented. I can add it as a feature request if you want. Best, Héber.
  12. Hi, I'm afraid that option is not a Plastic one, but a Mac native one. We can remove the option from the menu, but it is what MacOS provides by default. Regards, Héber.
  13. HI, I'm afraid not. Semantic is no longer available for Linux. We will post it if it is available in the future. Sorry for the inconveniences. Best regards, Héber.
  14. Hi, We have the following documentation about how to get Plastic working with Jira: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide#JIRAintegration So, you can't get your task set as done after adding the attribute in Plastic? Does other state transitions work for you?. Please send us the following information in order to check it: The repo you are working in. (If it is a local one, against cloud, on premise... ) The branch prefix and the proyect key The plastic.debug.log.txt in the logs folder. Best, Héber.
  15. Hi Wolfram, You can set the branch explorer date filter to a given year and it will remain in that year for every repository you open. Even if you close the GUI. You shouldn't need to do it for every repository. Best, Héber.
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