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  1. Hi Tyler, I have been working on this and trying to get it working as you are doing, but so far I haven't been able to set the changeset to build, as it only allows me to add a branch. You can check it in the attached image. Can you tell me where are you adding it? Furhtermore, we released a task some time ago where the behaeviour of the "update" was changed. [New] All platforms – Plastic, Gluon, command line: Now update always goes to latest. Suppose you switched your workspace to a particular changeset, then decided to update. You were stuck on that changeset, by design. We thought (for a few years already) that if you had switched to a given changeset, why would you want to jump to latest during an update? But then we realized it was a true UX pain. Why wouldn't you want to switch to latest? So, we just changed the behaviour. Now, when you update, you'll always go to latest in the branch, even if you were working on a given changeset or label before. It was done the 2019-07-23, and released on version 3470. Were you using a previous version when it was working? Best, Héber.
  2. Hi Tyler, We have been going through the issue, but we were not able to reproduce it yet. We are still trying some scenarios, but anything you could tell us about your setup would help. Best, Héber.
  3. Hi Jani, Can you send us an email to support@codicesoftware.com with the information and attach the client plastic.debug.log.txt file? Best, Héber.
  4. Hi, You can still perform it from the regular GUI going to the branch explorer and right clicking there a branch, then Push/Pull and finally sync with git. I know it is more tedious and definitely not a comfortable option for Gluon users, but I'm afraid it is what we have now. I'm sorry. Best, Héber.
  5. Hi, I'm afraid gitsync is not supported in gluon. You can perform it from the regular Plastic GUI, but not from Gluon. I'll share it with the team, but for now it is not available. Best, Héber.
  6. Hi, I'm glad you have it working! It would probably need everything to be updated and took it some time. Best, Héber.
  7. Hi Mark, I'm afraid Code Review replication is not fully supported yet for distributed workflows. In order to have the metadata changes pushed to cloud you need to have a new changeset. You can also push/pull the branches without a syncview, and most of the metadata will be pushed with it. You can also create a centralized workspace to perform code reviews changes, as a workaround until replication is available. I understand this is not a great option, but it might solve your issues for the moment. Notice that you would have sort of a "dummy" changeset with just a code review. Best, Héber.
  8. Hi, I'd say there is an error in the connection settings. Can you please write an e-mail to support@codicesoftware.com with the details of the issue and attach the server plastic.debug.log.txt ? Best, Héber.
  9. Hi Wolfram, Thanks for the feedback. We will have it in mind. However, as you said, changing it right now would annoy the rest of the users. In that case, forget what I said. Glad to hear you have it working as you wanted it. Best regards, Héber.
  10. Hi! That's great! Of course you can use the logo. We can provide you with a different one as well if you want, just say it out loud Would you be interested in making a blog post about it? Best, Héber.
  11. Hi Thomas, Did you recently add a some items to a cloaked list? I'm afraid they are not compatible with the update-merge workflow. Did you have enabled the "Run fast update" option? Best, Héber.
  12. Héber

    Appreciation post

    Hey! Thank you very much! This is a wondreful surprise We will keep pushing forward to create a strong and solid VCS. Best, Héber.
  13. Hi Wolfram, Yes, you are right. The order doesn't affect at all. How do you feel about it? Would you prefer it to work having the order in mind? Just be aware that *~ is a name rule, if you use it, you can't deny rules inside the path of folders that ends with the ~symbol. I'd say that it is not going to work when you want to deny things inside the Samples~ folder. Best regards, Héber.
  14. Hi Wolfram, That's quite a special setup you have there! I'll try to explain how to do it as best as I can, and provide you with the rules I think will let you have the ignore list as you wanted. Your solution was not working because the recursivity you were using applied only to the path rules, leaving out name rules. This is a difference between our ignore.conf and gitignore. First of all, you will need the /**~ rule. You need this instead of /*~ because this one ignores directories, but not the contents inside of it. Then, you add the following ones: !^/[^Ll].*/Samples~$ !^/[^Ll].*/Samples~/.*[^~]$ !^/[^Ll].*/Documentation~$ !^/[^Ll].*/Documentation~/.*[^~]$ These rules unmatch Samples~ and Documentation~ directories and its contents, unless the path starts with "L" or "l", so you ignore the ones in Library. After unmatching those rules, we want to ignore the whole Library folder, so we add a rule for it: /Library So, the whole file should be something like this: /**~ !^/[^Ll].*/Samples~$ !^/[^Ll].*/Samples~/.*[^~]$ !^/[^Ll].*/Documentation~$ !^/[^Ll].*/Documentation~/.*[^~]$ /Library Just for your information, note that this will work: /src !/src/foo /src/foo/bar But this will not: src !foo bar It is due to the name vs path recursivity I said above. Hope this helps you, and feel free to ask anything you need. Best regards, Héber.
  15. Hi Mehmet, Yes, you can set your local server to use encryption on the server side. You would need to add the cryptedservers.conf file to your server folder under "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server" and the key. Then, you would have to share that key with all the machines you want to grant access to the repo. It is added in the client folder, where all the client configuration files are, under "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\plastic4". You can check the following link to see how to do it: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2015/02/how-to-setup-encrypted-server.html Just be aware that you probably have to set local instead of localhost as the server name in the cyptedservers.conf, as it is how the local server created with cloud edition is named. For example, change: EncryptServerIP:8087 carlosLocal.key To: local:8087 mehmetkey.key Best regards, Héber.
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