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  1. In the end I ended up just deleting the xLink and remaking it as a writeable one, thought that caused some confusion it works now.
  2. No doubt. Really integrations is the big thing I feel I lose out on when moving to Plastic and Cloud specifically. GitSync fills SOME of that gap. For example, I can sync to a GitLab project which is then picked up by Unity Cloud Build, but it takes that extra step. On the other hand, that step is deliberate which can sometimes be preferred. For example, now UCB only builds when I explicitly do a sync to GitLab rather than after every small commit I make, so I feel more free to commit more often and then just sync when I want to kick off a build.
  3. Obviously you will want an official response, but what I believe to be the case as an existing Cloud subscriber, is Cloud has GitSync but not GitServer.
  4. I'm just getting started with xLinks, but so far they are amazing. I now have Unity packages setup as xLinks that I can just pull into another project with ease and it rocks One thing I'm trying to figure out though is how to change an existing xLink to be writable if I initially created it as read-only? When I go to edit the xLink in the macOS UI it doesn't let me change that.
  5. Ahh good call! I didn't even think about that, since I was doing it "today" and the fact that there were no files on disk. After changing the data back I found the data in branch explorer and just had to switch to the latest changeset. Apparently after the git sync it stays on the original changeset. All good now thanks!
  6. I created a new workspace on my Plastic Cloud. I then did a sync with Git from a GitHub project, public repo. Plastic worked for about 5 minutes and showed progress, then completed successfully. However absolutely nothing showed up in my workspace. I tried refreshing the branch explorer; nothing. I restarted plastic GUI; nothing. I then looked at the workspace on disk and it is empty (except for the ,plastic directory). So I tried to do the Gitsync again and Plastic said there is nothing more to sync. So it seems to think it has synced, but I have nothing! Not really sure what to do from here. Basically I am trying to clone a Github repo as a Plastic workspace so that I can then xlink to it for use in another Plastic workspace (The Github project is a library). The Github repo I am trying to sync from is mine, and public, but it is a fork from another user. I wonder if that might be causing problems? plastic.debug.log.txt
  7. So I had given a few thoughts on the blog post, but looking back now it looks like no one ever "approved" my comments. I don't remember the specifics of what I said except for one major point for me: HDPI I use Plastic on a 4k monitor and the interface is VERY hard to use. Everything is so small with no option to increase fonts or anything like many apps have. Not only is everything so small, but why is everything so small when huge swaths of the UI are just empty space? Even with 150% UI scaling set in Windows, large portions of the plastic UI are just plain wasted. So in summary I would really like to see two things: 1) Support for UI scaling in the app to better support high resolution displays without having to use global UI scaling across the OS 2) Better use of space I also agree with tab annoyance in general. When I use plastic on my Mac I like that I don't have constant tabs that need to be closed.
  8. Last couple of updates have gone smoothly. Not sure why I had problems initially or why it works now.
  9. I imagine Plastic doesn't consider the cloud to be core to their service, so the easy setup integrations provided by many Git based solutions simply don't exit Honestly if cloud offered simple web based setup and integration to various services I would even pay a small one time fee for that setup. The lack of the bost already restricts what we can do, plus I think a lot of the Cloud customers are such because devops isn't our thing. I really wish I could take advantage of the more advanced systems that I was able to get when using GitHub. I used to have an entire automated system that would run CI, parse commits to generate patch notes, push a release to GitHub, and then post the release and release notes to Discord.
  10. This is still happening quite regularly, but I have a theory I need to test. I work from two different machines (A windows desktop and a Macbook Pro). Both machines connect to the same cloud repo, same project, with the same user. I think what is happening is some sort of conflict between the two of them, especially if I leave the plastic GUI running on them both (which I tend to do). I imagine the clocks on these two machines are not precisely the same, probably off by a few seconds, and this might be confusing the cloud as it isn't distinguishing one machine from the other. But at the moment that is just a theory. I need to try testing that by remembering to shut down plastic completely when moving from one machine to the other.
  11. You also said: Which is why I pointed it out. It sounds very similar to a problem I was having which yes also caused the fields to blank in the GUI as well because after each commit, Plastic would disable the Jira extension. After that, restarting Plastic would re-enable it. Just making a suggestion to check that's all.
  12. Double check your log for errors related to Jira and that all your settings are right. I had intermittent Jira issues which ended up being two things: 1 The custom field wasn't defined correctly, and 2) I had lowercase project key when it should have been uppercase. Instead of completely breaking the integration this instead caused Plastic to keep turning it off, even though it was technically working.
  13. Yes I am working solo at the moment. To some it may seem silly to use tools like Jira and Plastic when all alone but I appreciate the structure it gives me, plus it lets me expand easier later in a project if necessary. Thanks for the detailed post, clearly you put some thought into it and I shall take some time to digest it
  14. On Mac enabling show task info doesn't display anything from Jira (but it also doesn't show any of the Jira data which is something I forgot to mention and why I want another way). On Windows it displays the Jira Task title but that is often long so doesn't fit very well in the display as most branches are shorter than the "info" lol. As for your second option, I admit I'm not sure what you mean but "branch name" in this context. Changing the branch name is exactly what we want to do, but the Jira plugin doesn't let you change the name of the branch. It is always the fixed prefix plus the issue number.
  15. Just occured again on Mac. As before, restarting the Plastic client immediately fixed it. 2019-10-29 12:35:15,034 john DEBUG DataPacket - 0.00 Mb in 473 ms. Total sent 0.05 Mb 2019-10-29 12:35:15,040 john DEBUG FileDownloader - Downloaded 5 blobs (14.50 KB) from repository 56343 in 1418 ms. Details: TotalRetries:0 TotalDownloadedSizeWithRetries:14.50 KB TotalMissing:0 TotalErrors:1. Mbps: 0.08 2019-10-29 12:35:15,050 john ERROR DiffViewDataProvider - Cannot download revision 32285 from server: Data cannot read/write to Plastic Cloud. There was an authentication issue. Your local date (client or server) is probably wrong. Change it to fix the issue. 2019-10-29 12:35:15,089 john ERROR ExceptionHandler - [MacPlastic] Unexpected error: Cannot download revision 32285 from server: Data cannot read/write to Plastic Cloud. There was an authentication issue. Your local date (client or server) is probably wrong. Change it to fix the issue. 2019-10-29 12:35:15,150 john DEBUG ExceptionHandler - Stack trace: at mi+a.b (System.Int64 A_0) [0x00047] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at mi.a (Codice.CM.Common.RepositorySpec A_0, Codice.CM.Common.RevisionInfo A_1) [0x0001b] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Differences.DiffViewManager.a (Codice.CM.Common.CodeReviewData A_0, System.String A_1) [0x0002b] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Differences.DiffViewManager.a (Codice.CM.Common.DiffViewEntry A_0, System.String& A_1, System.String& A_2) [0x00035] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at aci.a (Codice.CM.Common.DiffViewEntry A_0, System.String A_1, Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Differences.DiffViewManager A_2, Codice.CM.Client.Differences.Graphic.DiffViewerData A_3) [0x00023] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at aci.a (Codice.CM.Common.DiffViewEntry A_0, Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Differences.DiffViewManager A_1, System.Text.Encoding A_2) [0x000ae] in <732645d81a054bbab2cd469358a34a1d>:0 at w.a (Codice.CM.Common.DiffViewEntry A_0, System.Boolean A_1) [0x00020] in <707b3bddf4d648b9a18f7890cad620d7>:0 at w.b (Codice.CM.Common.DiffViewEntry A_0, System.Boolean A_1) [0x000a5] in <707b3bddf4d648b9a18f7890cad620d7>:0 at w.a (p5 A_0, p5 A_1) [0x0000f] in <707b3bddf4d648b9a18f7890cad620d7>:0 at fm.a (p5 A_0, p5 A_1) [0x00001] in <fd4e17bfeb1d4838b5b50a76e8b48174>:0 at fu.f () [0x00039] in <fd4e17bfeb1d4838b5b50a76e8b48174>:0 at aoe.a () [0x00002] in <fd4e17bfeb1d4838b5b50a76e8b48174>:0 2019-10-29 12:35:17,262 john DEBUG Channel - Valid certificate validation info:
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