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  1. I didn't perform a cherry pick, just subtractive merge. When I tried to perform a cherrypick (first time and any following time) I immediately got "The merge search has finished; merge destination already contains source changes." message. Merge Options popup never showed up. Also I wasn't aware that I can delete changesets. How would it behave when I have changeset 1,2 and 3 on the same branch and I delete changeset number 2? Do I have to check in the deletion or am I deleteing directly from the cloud?
  2. How do I select that? When I Right click on the changeset and I can see a "Cherrypick from this changeset..." option. When I click it, I immediately get "The merge search has finished; merge destination already contains source changes." message. I can't see "ignoring traceability"option anywhere
  3. I had to revert 2 changesets because of incorrectly manually solved conflicts. I used a subtractive merge for this as adviced in this article: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/07/how-to-undo-merge.html Now I want to merge these 2 changesets again and solve the conflicts again, this time being aware of what went wrong. The article mentioned above says to use a cherrypick on subtracted changesets to do so, but when I try it, it says thah the content of this changeset is already merged. How can I merge these branches back to main? I tried cherrypicking both from 1 and 1s (and 2 and 2s respectively) but it says the content is already merged.
  4. I can't figure out the order of changesets in Code Review window. It looks random to me. Is there any way to sort them by date or number?
  5. OK, thanks for help. And good to know that the team is on it
  6. @Angew That's more or less how I've been dealing with this problem but I thought there's a more convenient way I just don't know about. Honestly, simple marking lines that have been added in this changeset but altered/deleted in a later one with a different color would be very helpful
  7. Because reviewing changeset by changeset is officially recommended: https://www.plasticscm.com/book/?utm_source=plasticscm-blog&utm_medium=blog-post&utm_content=thenewplasticcodereviewsystem#_checkin_often_and_keep_reviewers_in_mind Reviewing entire branch at once can be overwhelming when 70 files or so have been modified during a task
  8. I have a question about suggested workflow of doing code review for a branch changeset by changeset. Let's imagine a scenario with one branch and 2 changesets on it. When I'm reviewing changeset one how do I know if changes I'm commenting on were not modified in changeset two? Currently I'm constantly running into situation where I am making a ton of Change Requirements only to find out that most of them were already made a few changesets later.
  9. This is my first day of using Plastic SCM, so probably I'm doing something wrong, but it would be nice if such basic features didn't require hours of research. I made a branch for my changes, switched to it, done some work, went to Pending Changes tab, chosen the files I want to commit, added a nice description of what I did and clicked Checkin. So far so good. After that I opened Sync to Cloud tab and clicked 'Push Visible' and got an error: So i clicked 'Pull visible', hoping that it will pull the files from cloud and let me solve potential conflicts locally. I got a nice popup that told me it's 100% complete and everything was OK. I clicked "Summary" and apparently nothing has been pulled, as Count for all positions in the list was equal 0. I closed the popup and went back to Sync to Cloud tab. Same Incoming changes as before pull were still visible on the list, no matter how many times I clicked Refresh, retried pushing and pulling, updated the workspace and relaunched the client. Am I doing something wrong or is it a malfunction? Btw. also uploading images to the forums doesn't work. Each time I try I get "There was a problem uploading the file." message.
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