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  1. @calbzam We have diagnosed the bug and fixed it with a workaround. After we encountered the same problem with another computer with Windows, we have realized those computers have Turkish language as their Operating System Language. When Plastic creates jira.conf in Turkish OS, it creates it as jıra.conf not jira.conf. Because lower cased I is ı in Turkish, and you are probably creating and reading jira.conf with a lowecase(JIRA.CONF) function. Plastic Client also searches directory as jıra.conf so it never finds our jira.conf file. We have changed the jira.conf file names to jıra.conf in our Turkish OS installed PC's, and it works now. But you should fix it on your side.
  2. @calbzam Hi, it's because the integrated jira account is shared between users. It will be an automation bot in the future. So we have a separate user in Jira just for the Plastic. On the other hand, our plastic master account is plastic@higames.io, so that is also correct for the current client.
  3. @calbzam Hi, we have been trying to fix this issue since last week now we have a different error attached below along with the current jira.conf (Integration works perfectly on windows clients with the same jira.conf)
  4. So there is still no GUI for Issue Tracker Integration on Mac. We have to use plastic-global-config repo. However as far as I see, plastic-global-config doesn't work on Cloud... According to this topic So how can I connect my colleague's Mac computer to our Jira account in Plastic Cloud?
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