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  1. Ah, that looks perfect! Thanks
  2. Thanks, I'll see if I can find the change that deleted these files. In git I would do `git checkout [revision] -- [files]` but I take it there's nothing like that in Plastic?
  3. I've accidentally deleted some files from my repository and I'm trying to revive them from the history. I've found the changeset that introduced the files but I can't find an option to bring them back. If I click "Browse repository in this changeset" it just shows the current version of the repo. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've been looking through the docs and google and I can't figure it out! Thanks!
  4. Using Cloud Edition seems to have worked. When I first pushed the local repo to the cloud it prompted me to create an encryption password. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the response. I am using Team Edition, since I had it already installed. Is it worth me trying the Cloud version? I tried running Update Workspace but I wasn't prompted for the encryption key. The repo is empty at the moment though.
  6. I'm trying to use `cm fast-import` to import a git repo to my plastic cloud repository. I'm getting an error message though: The server 'mycompanyname@cloud' requires encryption, but your server is not configured with the encryption key. To configure your local server make sure you become the admin of the server (owner), try again and you will be asked to enter encryption key. Since I am using the cloud service I don't have a local server that I can configure. Or am I misunderstanding something here?
  7. Ah no worries, I managed to add it locally by going to the "add" section rather than trying to create it again.
  8. I am setting up a new repository for a new organisation. My user has been added as an admin to the team and I have created a new repository from the GUI client which now shows up on the web dashboard. When I attempt to finish creating the repository locally however I get an error message: "You don't have permissions for operation mkrepository". It's not clear to me if this refers to an operation on the cloud or locally. I should have permission in both places however since the folder is in my home dir and I am an admin on the cloud account. Any ideas?
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