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  1. I've gotten myself into a pickle with our project and I don't know how to escape. Seems like I'm stuck. I was trying to do a fairly dense merge, something went wrong, and now I can't checkin or undo my pending changes because it says there's a "merge in progress". When I follow the link to the merge screen however, it says the merge has finished. I can't finish a merge that has already finished, but I also can't do anything when the system thinks there's a merge happening. Can't checkin, can't undo, can't even switch to a different branch. Is there a way out of this? I just want to be able to continue on our project. If I need to lose this merge that's fine. But I've exhausted my knowledge of Plastic and it really seems like there's nothing I can do? Why does it think the merge hasn't finished when it also says that it has finished? Any help would be appreciated!
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