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  1. Hi Carlos, I think understand the multi-line text field problem, and that my problem was a more basic connection issue. We have been getting by on FogBugz without logging check-ins, partly because our team is small, but also because checkins and merges to don't necessarily mean the work is done, so we haven't seen the need to trigger SCM status changes with PlasticSCM events. Having PlasticSCM branch names match issue id's has been enough for us. However, since the reason we're looking at Jira is to transcend FogBugz' limitations, it could definitely be useful to have that info available in Jira. I'll look forward to your fix for the multi-line text field to see how we can make use of checkin event info in Jira--it might be especially helpful as we expand and grow our team. Fwiw, I was able to get around the "issues not listing" problem, by deleting the issuetrackers subdirectory in my profile, restarting PlasticSCM and re-entering the Jira connection info from scratch. There seemed to be a weird situation where Plastic client wrote Jira connection info to a AppData\Local\plastic4\issuetrackers\mycompany@cloud\... subdir, but was reading from a legacy config in AppData\Local\plastic4\issuetrackers\mycompany@local\... Once I cleared that out and started from scratch, Plastic was able to list the Jira issues with no problem.
  2. FWIW: I recently tried to integrate to Jira Cloud "next gen". The configuration's "test connection" works, but the list of tasks/issues when creating a child branch is empty. It seems like it "almost works", and the log file had some jira-related errors (see below), that may be relevant. From the plasticscm log file:2020-06-23 14:15:34,225 DESKTOP-0L9ID4V\jyabrow ERROR jiraextensionrest - There was a problem performing GET https://beyondview.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/user/search?username=: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.^M2020-06-23 14:15:34,233 DESKTOP-0L9ID4V\jyabrow ERROR jiraextensionrest - Response from the server: {"errorMessages":["The username or property query parameter must be provided"],"errors":{}}^M
  3. Hello, My team just asked me about this yesterday. Just thought I'd add another voice to the feature request; we'd also like to be able to purge old versions of large assets--the vast majority of our db size is made up of non-mergeable assets. I'm glad you're working on a feature for this. Fwiw, we'd love to have a way to specify something like "keep only latest N versions" on individual files or groups of files". Thanks, Jeremy
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