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  1. @calbzam I just want to state this is a deal breaker for us. I've liked using Plastic so far but this simply won't work for our needs. We'll be moving to Perforce next month which has much more robust issue tracking support.
  2. This is a real bummer that this doesn't work. We have new projects that have been green lit and we are not moving forward with Plastic because Plastic does not work with Jira.
  3. How do I change which account the server logs into via the Server Administrator?
  4. After doing some testing this is a major issue for us. Our company is dedicated to using Jira.. but will only allow us to use Next-Gen projects. Using Classic projects is not even an option until the end of the year. It would be considerably better if you wrote a plug-in for Jira to accommodate Next-Gen projects.
  5. We are just starting with implementing Plastic with Jira Cloud and checking to see if there's any roadblocks. How seamless is the Plastic and Jira Cloud integration?
  6. Are there any updates regarding getting Plastic SCM to sync correctly with Jira Cloud?
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