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  1. Ooh, that's GREAT to know! I hadn't tried clicking one of them while having them selected. So glad to know this already works! It'll save me a ton of time. Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. I searched around but couldn't find a solution for this: is there a way to select a range of items in the Pending Changes view and toggle just the selected items on/off (checked/unchecked)? I see the Check All/Uncheck All, but often there is a VERY large number of items (in the hundreds and sometimes thousands), usually added items, some of which I want to include, some of which I want to wait to decide later, and it is EXTREMELY labor intensive to cherry-pick them by selecting individual items. It would be great if I could just select a range, the same as I can do when, say, undoing a bunch of changes, but have an option to toggle on/off just the items currently selected. If checking/unchecking a folder automatically checked/unchecked its child contents, that would be useful too. But probably the easiest thing to both work with and implement would be just toggling the selected items. Thanks!
  3. If I change the path via .conf file, do I need to restart the service? Because that's what I did, and when it attempts to restart, it immediately fails whenever the path points to a non-local drive. Or should I do something more dramatic like reboot entirely? I'm on Windows 10 64bit, v1903.
  4. I am using Windows, yes. I'll ping back here when I can provide detailed repro steps. Thanks for your help so far!
  5. Thanks. It looks as though the Server service won't start if the basepath points to a network resource. I tried both mapped drive letter as well as UNC, but it seems the service is checking to see if it is a network resource and refusing to start if so. I realize the performance will be much lower, but if I need to conserve harddisk space, I'd rather put the repo on the network volume than the entire project/workspace, since I work with the project moment-to-moment, whereas the repo only comes into play when doing diffs, commits, etc. Do you know if there is any workaround for this apparent restriction against using a network volume?
  6. Right. What I'm wondering is if it is possible to cause the local repos to be stored on somewhere other than on the local harddisk? I definitely don't want my workspace stored on the network due to speed of access. But to save space, I'd like the repo on the network volume and be able to push/pull to/from there since commits don't pose the same kind of performance bottleneck.
  7. I never am given the opportunity to enter a path. Not for the repo, just for a workspace. Creating a repo only lets me select "local" from a drop-down, and then it's created and shows up in my repository list. But it never prompts me or gives me the ability to select a path. I looked in the online docs and it shows screenshots of creating a repo on a tabbed interface that has a box for entering a path. But I don't see anything resembling that when I go to create a repo. I've attached a screenshot of the window I'm describing. As soon as I click "Ok", the repo is created and shows up in the list without any further prompt.
  8. How would I specify that I want a local repository to store its files to a path that points to a network volume?
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