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  1. Also, I thought plastic supported GIT? https://www.plasticscm.com/features/plasticscm-for-git-users
  2. Is there a way to connect azure to the plastic repos? For deployment purposes?
  3. So there's no support between azure and plastic cloud?
  4. For example, setting up a deployment with an outside tool to pull the code for a deployment. Such as here, it is asking for the repo URL: or like here where I'm using PlasticSCM (not cloud, self hosted instance) already and I supply the server URL:
  5. Thanks for your response. But, I'm referring to another tool being able to reach into this repo? What is the outside URL where that can be done? Because @cloud isn't the right domain.
  6. Trying to setup CI and configure the VCS using PlasticCloud, I'm using the trial and setup a basic repo and I'm attempting to complete a test deploy but I'm unable to find the repo URL? Every where I look in the tool or on web admin portal just includes @cloud which isn't helpful. Thanks in advance!!
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