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  1. So my question still remains - how can I prove I can migrate from SQLite to JET when I do not have the facility to do so in the administration console
  2. I have no option to 'change storage'
  3. I currently have Team Edition using the legacy community edition licence . I don't really want to continue with our existing licence because a) I want to pay for your product and support its development. b) I want to move to the Cloud based licence. I recently upgraded from v5 to v8 and it looks like I am forced to use the JET backend. My current repositories are SQLite and the admin management console gives me no option to change (or migrate) the backend. My questions are: 1) Can we carry on using SQLite for the cloud based system local repositories? 2) If we have to use JET when using the Cloud then how can I *prove* that I can migrate from SQLite to JET before committing to use the Cloud?
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