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  1. Hi Wolfram, thanks for your reply. ok, this one I get, this is nearly what I want (or to be more precise this a part of what I want 😉 ). If this could be done to a workplace with pending changes this would be it. this is possible (problem is that changes made would overwrite the changes already done in local changes) but this is not (at least to me it does not give me the option to diff these two revisions as there is no right click menu) In the constellation above this did not work for me. Clicking the "Home"-Button (the House Icon on the bottom right above the zoom buttons) for me just selected the latest changeset and deselected my previous selection. Thanks & Regards Frederic
  2. Hi Carlos, thanks for your clarification. Is my use case really that uncommon? Basically I want the possibility diff every revisions against the workspace version (no matter if the workspace version is already modified or not). We do a lot of console conversions of different game titles, and for quick checks we often need to partially reapply changes we've done in the past. Often the first step it is removing everything that stops the conversion from compiling and starting and later reenabling these blocks (most of the time only partially) is done. This would be quite annoying if it is not possible to do that via Plastic SCM GUI/Diff-Viewer. Regards Frederic
  3. Hi Carlos, thanks for the reply. Yes you're right I can see this option. But I think I was not quite specific enough what my problem is. There is a file that is changed in another branch (or was changed in an older changeset) Later on that file got changed again (or I'm in a different branch) Now I want to compare my (not yet modified but local file, therefore it does not show in pending changes) file with this old version and I want to take parts of changes to the file. I can diff this file with the latest commited one (which I think is basically the same file) but I can not make changes in the local file as the diff tool seems to be in read only mode. Regards Frederic
  4. Hello, I'm quite new to plastic scm and I'm not sure if I have simply overlooked the possibility to diff a changeset against the local workspace files. (Like the git "Compare with working tree" option in tortoisegit) I've found the option to diff 2 revisions/changeset but I did not find any possibility to diff a revision/changeset against the local files in the graphical windows client. Is this really missing? Its quite cumbersome to get only specific changes (e.g. a few lines from specific file) from a changeset in another branch (or an older commit) with this possibility missing. Right now I have to make a local copy of the file I want to check against a local file via "Save revision as..." and do a manual diff. Thanks & Regards Frederic
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