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  1. Hi, thanks for the explanation. Hmm, this doesn't work for me. It seems like Plastic SCM always uses the 150% scaling regardless of what monitor it started on. I'm running version, so it should be pretty much up to date. Thanks, I'll look forward to future releases with improved High DPI support.
  2. So my display setup is a primary 4k monitor, and a secondary 1080p monitor. The 4k monitor uses 150% scaling, while the 1080p one is at 100%. Plastic seems to have trouble deciding what scaling it should use, as Plastic SCM and Plastic Gluon behave completely opposite of each other. On my 4k monitor, Plastic Gluon shows up blurry (possibly because of upscaling?). Plastic SCM is tack sharp. On my 1080p monitor, Plastic SCM shows up blurry (possibly because of downsampling?). Plastic Gluon is tack sharp. See attached images for examples. I know GUI redesigns are in the works, but please have this use-case in mind. It's really hard to look at a blurry UI without eyestrain.
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